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Saying "I do" is one of the most important events in our lives. Naturally, we want the best on our big day.

Cloud Booth has provided photo booth and other instant print photography services to thousands of satisfied wedding couples in Singapore since our inception, and today, we are the choice for couples looking for high clarity, studio quality, unlimited, instantly printed photos. As a bonus, our True-Studio wedding photo booth setup looks impressive at your wedding venue, adding to the grandeur of your special occasion.

So take some time and browse the various photography and instant print services we offer for ROM and wedding days!

Photo Booth Wedding Singapore

Photo booths have become the norm at weddings, alongside photography and videography. Our wedding photo booths serve as great entertainment (and very often, the core one) for guests during the cocktail reception, often stretching into the banquet, and provide instant, high clarity printouts of photographs - tangible pieces of memory guests can bring home.

Price starts from $599

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Wedding Photobooth

See animated GIFs in action here

If you like the superb clarity prints and True-Studio photo taking experience our photo booths offer, and you are thinking of ways to make it even more fun, then Cloud Booth GIF Edition might just be what your wedding needs! After taking multiple shots, our GIF Booths generate an animated GIF file from these shots for you to instantly download and share with your friends. In addition to this, guests also receive high clarity prints that include all shots taken!

Price starts from $699

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Wedding Photo Booth Singapore

For the couple who loves a certain movie, movie franchise or story so much they decide to make it their wedding theme, Cloud Booth Green Screen Edition will be your choice. With the green screen as the backdrop, you are free to choose any digital images to be superimposed onto it. Our powerful Green Screen Photo Booth software also allows guests to choose from more than 1 digital backdrop!

The same true studio set up is employed, so guests enjoy photos and printouts of superb clarity, no less.

Price starts from $599

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Instagram is the photo sharing social media platform that most of us use on a daily basis. Cloud Booth #HashPrint gives guests the freedom and flexibility of being in control of photo taking at your wedding, and allowing them to print the choice photos they post on Instagram. It's an awesome way to garner a collection of wedding day photos taken by hundreds of your guests from all angles and perspectives!

Price starts from $549

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Photobooths For Weddings

Cloud Booth Roving Photography is ideal when you want superb clarity instant prints, but a more conventional and formal photo taking experience. Our photographer walks around your wedding venue, takes photos of guests, and prints them onsite for them to bring home. No need for queuing too 🙂

Price starts from $699

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Photobooths For Weddings Singapore

Table shots are great! They capture a precious moment when guests and their family and friends are together at their tables together with you. With Cloud Booth Table Shots Instant Print, our photographer moves from table to table, capturing smiles of guests at their tables as they pose for the camera, and then printing a copy for each of them to keep as a wedding favor. This service can be hired independently, and it is more often hired as a bundle together with our photo booth or roving photography services.

Add-on price starts from $399

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Props for Wedding Photo Booths

Wedding Photo Booth

A variety of wedding-related photo booth props is offered on top of a range of party props for guests of all ages and inclinations to choose from. Additionally, a set of Chinese speech-bubble type wedding props caters to aunties and uncles and are very popular among them! These are all available with Photo Booth, GIF Booth & Green Screen Photo Booth services.

A Bespoke Print Template for Your Wedding

All Photo Booth, GIF Booth, Green Screen Photo Booth, #HashPrint, Table Shots Instant Print and Roving Photography services include a fully customisable print template. Does your wedding have a theme? If so, let us know what it is and we can advise which template we have best suits your wedding theme. We can also design a bespoke one based on your requirements. If you're still deciding or do not have a theme, you can choose from our list of pre-designed templates, many of which are suitable for weddings, as a starting point.

AD Wedding Photography

Actual Day Wedding Photography

Wedding Photobooth Singapore

Summer Sky is our sister company that specializes in wedding photography. We are artisans of wedding photography, who take great pride in our work and spend a prodigious amount ​of time obsessing over the art, giving each photo a great deal of attention and care to achieve the light and airy pastel style that characterizes our work.

Summer Sky AD Wedding Photography X Cloud Booth Wedding Photo Booth bundles are available at attractive prices. If you have yet to hire a photographer for your wedding, do visit Summer Sky's website to take a look at our portfolio and contact us for our bundle rates sheets.

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