Table Shots Instant Print


Table Shots Instant Print for Singapore Weddings

Table shots are great! They capture a precious moment when guests and their family and friends are together at their tables (for weddings: together with your other half and you too).

However, the photos taken by the AD wedding photographer or event photographer usually do not make it to guests in a timely fashion or do not make it to them at all.

This problem is solved with Cloud Booth Table Shots Instant Print! Our photographer moves from table to table, capturing smiles of guests at their tables as they pose for the camera. Photos are then refined by our photo editor onsite and printed instantly for them.

  • We provide 1 photographer, 1 photo editor & 1 assistant per event
  • Gorgeous photos taken by our professional & experienced event & wedding photographers using a DSLR camera and professional lighting system
  • All photos are edited onsite by a dedicated photo editor
  • Our elegant Real-Time Roving Network enables instant and automatic wireless transfer of photos from photographer to photo editor to be processed, printed and shared quickly
  • Instant sharing on Facebook
  • Live streaming in ballroom
  • Instant prints for all guests
  • Photos delivered to each table by our assistants after they are printed
  • 4 print sizes: Polaroid Prints; Classic 4R; Upsize 5R; or Supersize 6R
  • Attention to presentation - Prints come with a glossy plastic sleeve
  • Bespoke print template designs - You describe, we design
  • Distraction free - No Cloud Booth logos on print designs
  • A queue-less experience for guests
  • Standalone packages start at $699 for 20 tables
  • When purchased as an add-on to any Photo Booths or Roving Photography service(s), packages start at just $399 for 20 tables

Experienced Event Photographers & AD Wedding Photographers


Singapore Instant Print Table Shot


How do we stand out above the rest? Cloud Booth's photographers and photo editors are experienced professionals who have shot and edited numerous events and weddings in Singapore.

In fact, the photographer you get for our Table Shots Instant Print service are the very same professionals from our Event Photography service!

As such, you can be sure to receive gorgeous photos and instant printouts that are properly exposed and color corrected. Most of the samples you see on this page were shot in standard ballrooms that were dark and had orange tungsten lighting. Only with experience and skills can our photos turn out looking naturally bright and vibrant.

Real-Time Roving Network Speeds Up Processing of Photos


Our instant print photography includes a Real-Time Roving Network (a wireless wide area network) employed by us that transfers photos taken by our roving photographers to our onsite photo editor instantly and automatically. This allows photo taking, photo editing, and photo printing to happen simultaneously, reducing the time needed from taking the shot to having it printed.

Our system is elegant in that there is no need for someone to run back and forth between the roaming photographer and photo editor to fetch memory cards.

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