GIF Booth


Cloud Booth GIF Edition is for the fun-loving, attention-grabbing action stars we all are! Our GIF Booths are dual-mode GIF & Photo Booths. In the main GIF mode, our booths create animated GIF files that loop photos taken for endless stop motion fun, while providing unlimited instant high clarity prints at the same time! Excellent for corporate events and parties in Singapore!

  • Dual Mode Booths - Guests can choose between the main GIF mode and a complementing Photo Booth mode!
  • True studio set up
  • All the goodness of Cloud Booth photo booth packages are included
  • In GIF mode, guests get both GIF files AND high clarity prints
  • 3-9 shots in 1 single animated GIF
  • All GIF shots are included in prints
  • Instant online sharing of GIF and print images seconds after they are taken!
  • Create GIF video files to be shared instantly for the greatest organic reach across social media platforms. Excellent for corporate events.
  • Packages start at $799 for 2h(Check out our Delite packages that are big on value too)

Find out why we have The Finest Photo Booths

Dual Mode - GIF X Photo Booth


The young ones and the young at heart love the incredible fun that comes with our GIF Booth, but some elderly guests might not appreciate the fast pace and smaller photo sizes inherent in a GIF Booth.

This is why our GIF Booths are dual mode GIF X Photo Booths! With both modes available in 1 booth, the young ones can enjoy GIF mode, while guests who prefer 1 single shot and value a large, high clarity 4R print can pick Photo Booth mode!


For example, guests can select the main GIF mode, which will produce an animated file for them like this:

Note: At events, animated files are sent to guests instantly via email. The above is a sample file hosted on Youtube to give you a faster web-browsing experience.


Alternatively, guests who wanted a more traditional photo taking experience can select photo booth mode, which will take 1 single shot and print it instantly as shown below:


Get Both Animated GIF files & High Clarity Prints In GIF Mode


Animated GIF

Printout from Animated GIF

In GIF Mode, in addition to the incredibly fun animated GIF files, which guests can share instantly with their friends and on social media, they also get high clarity photo printouts to bring home!

These prints include all GIF shots in each session! - Multiple shots are taken for animated GIFs. Our clever GIF Booth software captures all of these shots in high resolution, and inserts them all into a fully customised print template before printing them out. No shots are missed! (see above images for example)

As a bonus, each and every shot captured are returned to you as individual files together with print images and animated GIFs.

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