3 Essential Props To Provide At Any Instant Photo Booth

3 Essential Props To Provide At Any Instant Photo Booth

Every moment seems fleeting, making capturing memories more precious than ever. Enter instant photo booths – those magical little stations that allow you to unleash a whole new level of fun, creativity, and nostalgia with just a click. You’ve probably seen them at weddings, parties, and even corporate events, offering a quick and quirky way to immortalise moments in time.

But what makes these photo booths truly special? It’s not just the instant gratification of holding a printed photo in your hands moments after striking a pose. No, it’s the endless array of possibilities they offer, thanks to one key ingredient: props.

Props are the secret sauce that adds spice to your photo booth experience. They’re the quirky glasses, the silly hats, and the funny signs that turn an ordinary snapshot into a memorable image. And with instant photo booths, the options are as limitless as your imagination. So, what are the essential props you need to ensure your instant photo booth is a hit? From playful signs to themed accessories, we’ll explore the top three props that are guaranteed to take your photo booth experience to the next level.

Signs and speech bubbles

Often featuring short phrases and abbreviations such as “BFF”, “BAE” or “TGIF”, printed speech bubbles on sticks are a popular prop featured in many instant photo booths nowadays.

As seen from the likes of social media and photo booth catalogues, speech bubbles are popular and often used by patrons, making them a worthwhile investment for anybody looking to add a layer of personality to their photo booth.

Besides the popularity of speech bubbles, they also happen to be easy to make in-house and at home, making them a low-cost yet valuable addition to any photo booth inventory.

Plush toys

A cute addition to any photo booth, plush toys build on the cute culture of Japanese arcade photo booths of the 90s. As cute appearances are often popular looks to go for in instant photo booths, plush toys can help bolster the aesthetic due to their soft, fluffy look and feel.

From nondescript plush animals to yummy food plushies, plush toys raise the profile of any instant photo booth in a way that software editing cannot replicate.

Silly glasses and accessories

Silly glasses and accessories are like the icing on the cake for any photo booth experience. Imagine oversized sunglasses that make your eyes look comically large, or wacky goggles that transport you to another dimension of fun. Then there are novelty pirate-themed glasses with moustaches that instantly transform your face, and goofy plastic toy guns that add a playful twist to your poses.

No doubt, these accessories sprinkle extra joy and laughter into your photos. When guests step into the photo booth, they’re greeted with a variety of silly glasses and accessories, each one begging to be tried on and experimented with.

Guests can mix and match different glasses and accessories to create their own unique and memorable looks. Want to channel your inner 80’s inspired flair with a pair of neon shutter glasses? Go for it! Feel like a secret agent with a magnifying glass? Why not! The possibilities are endless, and the only limit is your imagination.


As seen in recent years, props are fast becoming an essential part of instant photo booths and their continued appeal and popularity. With popular pre-installed backdrops and just a few strong basic props, you can turn your instant photo booth into one that stands out from just another snap-and-print.

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