Trade Show Success: Tips To Maximise Your Photo Booth Rental

Trade Show Success: Tips To Maximise Your Photo Booth Rental

Trade shows make for the perfect event to get a lot of attention on your products, services, and overall brand in a short amount of time. However, given that you’re not going to be the only business attending these massive conventions, you’ll have to be prepared to stand out from the crowd, attract visitors, and make the most of your time at the event. One method that can help you achieve this is by setting up a photo booth at your stall to elevate your trade show appearance!

By leveraging everyone’s love for picture-taking, you can entice eventgoers to take high-clarity shots at your stall and let them take home a souvenir to commemorate the event. And while you’ll generally advertise your booth as free of charge, it should go without saying that there’s a lot of branding you can do in exchange for letting guests take a few snaps. From collecting phone numbers or emails in exchange for physical prints to asking for surveys to get access to more props and freebies, the options are truly endless.

That said, setting up a photo booth is just the first step, as you must also maximise its design and location to get the highest ROI possible from renting it. So, without further ado, we share several tips on the two key factors you should focus on with your photo booth installation: location and design!


When selecting the location for your main booth as well as photo booth, consider high-traffic areas within the trade show venue. Ideal spots include near the entrance or main thoroughfares where foot traffic is heaviest. This prime positioning ensures maximum exposure to attendees as they navigate the event floor.

Besides the prime positions mentioned, there are also other good locations you can consider, such as:

  • Next to partner vendors/businesses

If one of your business partners is also attending the event, consider making arrangements to set your booths together to drive traffic to them and vice-versa. You can leverage their good reputation if they are already an established business. And, since they are most likely to attract a lot of attendees who want to know more about what they have, your nearby photo booth could serve as a good way to kill time while they wait their turn.

  • Endcaps

When deciding on your booth spot, try to secure an endcap location or aim to be on a corner or at the end of a row. This is because you will inherently need more space if you want to have a photo booth installation, and being sandwiched between two walls can make it hard to draw guests in to take a photo. Thus, a more open space where attendees can comfortably use your photo booth is necessary.

  • Near the restrooms

While this may sound strange at first, it does make sense. After all, attendees will need to use the restroom at some point in the day, and when they do, being close to an area where you are guaranteed to see constant traffic can give you just as much visibility as being near the entrance!


If you want to attract guests and take your photo booth for a spin, you need to make your installation fun and enticing and feature a unique design or backdrop that is great for picture-taking.

To achieve this, you must first determine the expo’s targeted demographic. If the event generally caters to a female audience, having a more feminine design is vital. In contrast, if it is more geared towards a certain crowd, like musicians, gamers, and so on, incorporating design elements that relate to their interests is vital.

Doing online research and looking at photos or videos of the trade show’s previous projects can let you know what to expect and give you the inspiration you need to make your own unique photo booth design.


As one of the most flexible means of entertainment, photo booths certainly have a place in conventional celebrations like birthdays, weddings, and corporate affairs like trade shows and product launches. Hopefully, the tips above prove useful in helping you maximise your photo booth rental for your upcoming trade show appearance!

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