All About Photo Booth Backdrops: FAQs You Probably Have

All About Photo Booth Backdrops: FAQs You Probably Have

Nowadays, events would not be complete without an instant photo booth. The appeal and charm of these quirky little machines can make any event a lot more fun and unforgettable. The truth is, there is something hilarious and exciting about squeezing into the frame with your family or friends for some quick, cheeky snaps. But to make your photo booth experience more unique and entertaining, it should come with a fun and creative backdrop.

A photo booth backdrop is essentially a decorative background that is used to add visual style and interest to photos taken in a photo booth. To learn more about why your photo booth should have an unforgettable backdrop, read on as this article answers some of the most frequently asked questions people have about photo booth backdrops. 

Question #1: Why is it important to use a photo booth backdrop?

Although it is not strictly necessary, a photo booth backdrop is essential because it helps to set the mood and improve the overall aesthetic of the photos. Furthermore, a photo booth backdrop can help create a consistent look across all the images taken during an event or a party.

Generally, people go for popular photo booth backdrops that fit every occasion, as these are versatile. In essence, with a backdrop, you can easily add consistency, texture, colour, and style to your photos.

Question #2: How much does a photo booth backdrop cost?

Most photo booth packages purchased with a reputable company include a backdrop choice! You will likely be able to find one you like from the company’s list. If budget allows, for a more customised experience, you could also have a custom backdrop made. The cost of a photo booth backdrop typically varies depending on the material, size, and customisation options. Some backdrops can be bought for as little as $150, while others with more elaborate customisations can cost a few hundred or thousands of dollars. If you have a limited budget but still want a custom backdrop, you can always choose to make your own Do-It-Yourself (DIY) photo booth backdrop instead. If you do decide to DIY, do discuss the backdrop details with the photo booth company to ensure your backdrop is suitable to be used at the booth! 

Question #3: What material is best for a photo booth backdrop?

Generally, the most ideal materials for photo booth backdrops are long, non-reflective fabrics, such as cotton or muslin. The reason is that these materials are able to absorb light and prevent reflections or glare, thereby resulting in clear and crisp photos. Aside from this, non-reflective fabrics are also very easy to clean and store, and can even be ironed if needed. PVC backdrops are very common for events, and they are very low cost. However, these plastic backdrops are rather reflective and will not look good in photos. We recommend spending a little more and getting a fabric one instead. 

Question #4: How much space does a photo booth backdrop need?

A photo booth backdrop typically measures about 3m wide and 2-3m tall. The amount of space that a completely packed photo booth backdrop takes up will depend on its size and the method of its storage. For instance, a 3m x 3m photo booth backdrop can take up some space when rolled or folded, while a smaller one will consume less space. To ensure that your photo booth will fit into your venue, measuring its dimensions and determining how much space is available before the event would be great. Some venues have a height limit and will not allow a taller backdrop.

Question #5: How long does it take to set up a photo booth backdrop?

Setting up a backdrop for a photo booth can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the equipment you use and the complexity of the design. If you plan to have a simple setup with a fabric backdrop and a stand, it can be up in just a few minutes. On the other hand, if you wish to have a more complex setup with 3D elements mounted on the backdrop, setting up the backdrop may take at least an hour.


Without a doubt, photo booths add more fun and excitement to almost all occasions. To make your photo booth experience more memorable, be sure to set up a unique and creative backdrop that will add consistency and style to the photos taken during your event. Ultimately, a well-thought-out backdrop is what completes a photo booth!

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