How To Choose The Right Duration For Your Photo Booth Rental

How To Choose The Right Duration For Your Photo Booth Rental

When it comes to event entertainment, nothing is as versatile and exciting as photo booths in Singapore. Hence, it is exceedingly common to find them in almost every celebration today, be it weddings, birthdays, corporate events, and many other types of gatherings. This should come as no surprise, seeing as only a photo booth offers such a unique way of creating memories and keepsakes while providing tons of fun simultaneously.

So, if you plan on engaging in a photo booth rental in Singapore for your next event, there are some things you need to consider, like the photo booth price. Most importantly, the true consideration lies in how many hours you want to rent it for. For many people, opting for the shortest amount of time, typically just a couple of hours, may seem good enough as it is the most cost-effective option. However, this is not always the case, as you may risk disappointing your guests if they don’t manage to get their turn, which may negatively affect the overall success of your event.

If you’re keen on avoiding this at all costs, this quick guide goes over everything you need to know to determine how long you should keep your party’s photo booth around the venue.

Assess your guest count

The number of attendees is the first and most important factor that can help you set a baseline for the ideal rental time for your photo booth. Naturally, the more people you expect, the more time you’ll want to allocate because you have to factor in waiting times and the possibility that some people may want to spend more time in the photo booth than others. Thus, ensuring that all guests get a chance to get their pictures taken is paramount.

A good rule of thumb is allocating around two to three minutes for each group of guests that want to use the photo booth, as this generally allows for a comfortable pace and provides enough time for each group to switch props and poses and take multiple shots. In short, if you’re working with a sizable guest list, consider extending your rental time to ensure everyone gets their fill of being in the spotlight!

Event type and flow

Next, the type of event you’re holding should also play a big part in your decision-making. For instance, weddings typically have a different flow than birthday parties or corporate conferences since they follow various activities and rituals throughout the day, including bouquet toss, cake cutting, and so on. The brief gap between these moments provides a great opportunity for guests to use the photo booth to entertain themselves for the time being.

Thus, to get the most value out of your photo booth, consider the flow of events and schedule your rental time accordingly. We recommend opening the booth to guests during ‘downtimes’ and other opportune moments like after dinner, during cocktail hour, and throughout the dancing portion of the night. In this way, guests can have fun in the photo booth at different times throughout the day.

Buffet or sit-down dinner timing

The timing of your event’s meal activities can also affect your photo booth rental. Naturally, there will be little to no people using the photo booth as most of the guests will be preoccupied with eating and socialising with others at this time.

So, optimise your rental time by remembering our advice from the previous section and schedule your photo booth for before or after the dinner period of the event. If your dinner involves a buffet or transitioning between many different courses, you could alternatively keep it open for the entire time. Hence, guests have a delightful distraction while they wait.


Finding the sweet spot for your photo booth’s rental time is key to making the most of this fantastic entertainment feature. By considering the factors above and carefully planning your rental duration to suit your event, you can rest assured that all your guests will get a slice of the picture-taking fun and take home many cherished moments from the celebration.

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