Photo Booth Setups And How To Choose The Best For Your Event

Photo Booth Setups And How To Choose The Best For Your Event

When it comes to renting a photo booth in Singapore, event managers have a lot of things to consider, from the choice of the right photo booth package to scheduling, budget, and more. Of course, that is just the beginning since, depending on the event, one may also have to take into account the fine details that make up a photo booth’s rental cost – the photo booth’s customisation options and included features like printing speed, social media sharing features, and quality of the prints, to name a few.

Having to think about all these makes it easy to overlook certain things during the decision-making process, such as making sure that the photo booth setup is right for the event. Now that we have brought this to your attention, let us examine the different types of photo booth setups available and why their differences matter.

1. Enclosed photo booths

An enclosed photo booth setup is similar to what you might see at an arcade or amusement park. However, make no mistake about the size of enclosed photo booths, as they will be much larger than their counterparts found in those public spaces. The photo-taking area is blocked off with curtains to provide a more private space for picture-taking; this added privacy may be beneficial if you want your more introverted guests to feel comfortable and indulge in the fun.

That said, there are three potential shortcomings to note about these types of photo booths: limiting the number of guests that can fit at any given time; taking up more room in the venue; and not allowing other guests (like colleagues, friends, and family) to participate in the fun and anticipate in excitement as they watch other guests pose at the booth. As such, carefully consider the venue’s layout and envision how the booth will fit with all the other aspects of your event before committing to a purchase decision!

2. Inflatable photo booths

While uncommon in Singapore, inflatable booths come with all the pros and cons of a regular enclosed booth but with the added benefit of its unique aesthetic. The fun and futuristic-looking bubble enclosure can also typically be customised with things like LED lights, adding a small yet noticeable twist to the traditional photo booth experience. Great for the novelty-factor, but consideration of the limitations of an enclosed photo booth should still be done as it is also one albeit in a different form.

3. Open-air photo booths

The open-air photo booth is the most common setup that most people are familiar with (check out the open-air photo booth packages we offer at Cloud Booth while you’re at it!). Seeing others have a grand time taking pictures and making wacky poses with their loved ones may encourage others to also jump in on the fun, letting you get the most value out of your rental. And since there is a lot more space to work with, more people can get their picture taken at any one time!

The greatest advantage of the openness of this setup is that you can use a backdrop that comes with the package or designate one from the venue itself. It is also the kind of photo booths that will give the best photo quality, which might be a key concern of more senior guests (like your managers, directors, and CEO 😉).


Maximising a photo booth rental requires ensuring you get exactly what you need for your event, including having the right setup. By leaving no stone unturned in your decision-making, you can be more confident that you are getting the most value out of your photo booth.

To streamline your photo booth rental experience, partner with Cloud Booth today and let our team handle everything from start to finish! Simply let us know your requirements and budget, and we will recommend the best photo booth package that fits the bill. From the Finest Photo Booths to Budget Photo Booths and more, we provide photo booth experiences for all your event needs. To learn more about our photo booth options or other photography services, feel free to contact us today for a quote!