What To Remember When Setting Up A Photo Booth For An Event

What To Remember When Setting Up A Photo Booth For An Event

Photo booths bring extra fun to parties. Whether you have tried sitting in a vintage two-seater photo booth with your special someone or standing in front of a glamorous backdrop with a couple of friends at a birthday celebration, chances are you have loved the printed results – so much so that you have decided to rent your own photo booth for an upcoming event.

However, setting up an instant photo booth for an event isn’t as easy and simple as it seems. There are a couple of things you need to consider to provide your guests with a great photo booth experience. To know what they are, read on as this article lists some of the most important things you need to remember when setting up a photo booth for an event!

1. The photo booth should be easily seen and accessible

Photo booths are meant to be enjoyed by people. If your guests can’t see the photo booth you set up, all your efforts and money will go to waste. As much as possible, place the photo booth in a prominent location where your guests can easily see it. If you’re worried about the photo booth being distracting during dance performances or speeches, you can instruct the operator to stop the photo booth temporarily during those times.

Besides being easily seen, you should also ensure that the route your guests take to get to the photo booth space is accessible for everyone, including those with a disability. Because using a photo booth is an enjoyable experience, you’ll want to make sure that all guests can access it, so everyone can have their photos taken!

2. Be sure to meet the space and power requirements

Setting up a photo booth for an event requires a lot of space. Usually, to arrange a photo booth, you need to have an area at least 2m long and 2m wide with a height of 2.5m. However, a 3m’x3m’x2.5m’ available space is the most ideal. Besides enough space, you need to have a wall outlet dedicated to the photo booth. As much as possible, avoid sharing an outlet with several other things, such as the lighting or DJ, which can overpower the plug and cause a power trip or worse – an electrical fire!

3. Keep the photo booth away from sunlight

When the sunlight shines on the photo booth, it can create harsh shadows on your guests who are taking photos and also overexpose parts of the photos. Moreover, when you put the backdrop against a window during the day, the light could possibly shine through the backdrop, creating a backlit situation and ruin the photos your guests will be taking. For this reason, it’s important that you keep the photo booth away from sunlight.

Aside from sunlight, be sure that there are no chandeliers or pot lights right above the space where the photo booth stands. These lights can sometimes cause shadows that look poorly on the printed results. If there’s a light above your photo booth, you can either turn it off or sneakily unscrew the lightbulb and replace it after the event (we’re kidding!).


There’s no doubt that photo booths bring so much more fun to any event. A successful photo booth can provide an excellent opportunity to capture your family and friends enjoying themselves at your party. However, to make sure that you get the most value out of your photo booth rental, it’s necessary that you consider the essential factors and follow the basic tips when it comes to setting up a photo booth for an event.

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