Breaking Down The Driving Factors Of Photo Booth Rental Cost

Breaking Down The Driving Factors Of Photo Booth Rental Cost

No event is ever complete without photography, but we all know how pricey it can be. However, not all events require a professional photographer to take formal and candid shots, as that might be overkill for a small party or get-together. That said, the latter still benefit from some picture-taking fun, and this is where photo booths in Singapore come in. From affordability to greater fun for guests, you can’t go wrong with having a photo booth for any occasion. Read on to know what drives the costs of photo booth rental packages so you can stay on budget for your next event.

1. Photo booth equipment

The gear is the most important part of any photo booth rental package. This typically includes the booth itself, cameras, lighting equipment, and accessories depending on the package, like props, theme customisations, backdrops, and more.

These components comprise the bulk of the photo booth experience, so make sure you’re getting what you need for your event, whether full professional-grade full-frame cameras, true studio setup lighting, and so on. Of course, we also can’t understate the importance of the accessories in tying everything together, so it is best to align your event’s theme and ensure it fits right in with the overall experience.

2. Time

Hiring time plays a big part in the overall cost, and providers typically rent out their booths by the hour (timed) or for an entire day (unlimited). If your rental includes an attendant, it is almost always a timed photo session, which is where prices can build up quickly. For do-it-yourself (DIY) packages, it is best to opt for those with per-day rates, as there’s nothing worse than rushing to pack up your booth while you’re still in the middle of enjoying your party.

3. Custom branding and photo designs

If you’re hosting an event where branding is advantageous, you always have the option to include customised branding and print templates in your packages. You can add logos, images, text, and many more to your heart’s delight to help boost brand engagement on top of giving guests an unforgettable experience. Besides digital and physical prints, this customizability also extends to your booth, overall theme, and even hashtags, which come in handy for spreading brand awareness when guests upload to their social media channels.

4. Instant prints, digital copies, and online uploads

Modern photo booths now come with not just instant prints but also digital copies and the ability to upload or download them directly. And depending on the package, your photo booth may come with unlimited instant prints or limited photo sheets.

There is also the processing time to consider, as you’ll naturally want something that prints quickly in just a few seconds, which is vital for big events with a large volume of guests. It is also worth considering the available print sizes to ensure guests can get their photos in any size they want.

5. Extras and add-ons

Last but not least are the extras that add the cherry on top of your photo booth rental experience. These add-ons differ from one rental provider to another, but some common examples include live streaming pictures at the venue, photo emailing, and so on. There is typically an option to exclude such features and add-ons if you don’t need them for your particular event, so don’t hesitate to ask if you can remove them to help bring the price down.


Any event organiser knows the importance of knowing what you’re paying for to stay on budget. As such, by having a clear idea of what goes into photo booth prices in Singapore, you can better select the package that fits your needs and budget. Hopefully, the contents above prove helpful in narrowing down your search for the best photo booth for your party.

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