Photo Booth Packages: Which Is Best For Your Next Event?

Photo Booth Packages: Which Is Best For Your Next Event?

Parties today wouldn’t feel like a party without a bit of picture-taking fun. While the phone in your pocket will suffice for a few casual snaps, there’s nothing like the experience you get by stepping up to a more dedicated photo booth experience. And since photo booths in Singapore now come in all shapes and sizes, there is always a package that fits the needs of your event, whether it be a big corporate affair or a small get-together with friends and family. That said, what exactly sets apart the many options you can choose from, and are their differences enough to justify their cost? Below, we go over the most common photo booth rental packages available and what they bring to the table.

1. Premium photo booth

While these packages come in many names, they essentially provide the best, top-of-the-line photo booth experience you can get, complete with all the bells and whistles. Naturally, a premium price tag gets you the best of everything, from the finest, true-studio style instant photo booth complete with exceptional lighting and professional-grade cameras that provides superb clarity in your instant prints and digital copies – just like Cloud Booth’s Finest Photo Booths!

Apart from the best gear and an abundance of options in props, print sizes, photo templates, and accessories, you also get unparalleled pre-event and onsite support from experienced photographers and assistants to help guests with their picture-taking experience. Last but not least, there are also instant sociability features to get the word out about your event, like integrated Instagram Hashtag printing, live screening of photo booth pictures, private download links, and photo emailing.

All in all, if you’re looking to impress your guests and settle for nothing less than the best for your exclusive event, this package certainly fits the bill. Oh, did we mention that we are usually happy to accede to special requests to personalise your photo booth beyond the standard options? 😉

2. Budget photo booth

A budget photo booth doesn’t necessarily always translate to a severely cut-down version of its premium counterpart. Yes, this might be true for many photo booth vendors, but for some vendors, their budget option just keeps everything you need and omits all the fluff. Thus, as a no-frills package that includes all the core photo booth features for excellent print clarity, you can often choose just the things you really need, making it a cost-effective and fun addition to any event.

Naturally, you can expect features like superb photo clarity, true studio setup, and unlimited instant prints, just like in the more premium option. Still, you may have to prioritise certain aspects over others, like having more party props and a premium backdrop over multiple print sizes or social features. Nonetheless, with budget photo booths still being jam-packed with industry-standard features, they are ideal for those following a tight budget yet don’t want to skimp on the fun factor – don’t believe us? Check out our Cloud Booth Delite package!

3. GIF Booth

A GIF booth is a specialised photo booth that can do the traditional photo booth experience but also brings a fun twist by creating short video clips. These new additions often come in the form of a GIF mode and Boomerang mode.

The GIF mode works by capturing a handful of photos in quick succession and combining them into an animated stop-motion clip. Meanwhile, the Boomerang mode takes a short, fluid, and continuous video of the guests in action that plays on a loop. For guests who particularly enjoy TikTok and other social media with short-form content, they’ll certainly enjoy the extra capabilities that a GIF booth brings.

4. Green screen booth

The green screen booth is similar to the GIF booth in that it adds a twist to the traditional photo booth-ing experience but this time with the magic of the green screen. Of course, it has all the industry-standard features you’d expect, with the main difference being the dynamic backdrops of your choosing instead of just static ones. With this package, guests can transport themselves to any destination and switch things up with every picture, making the experience much more enjoyable.


With the wide array of styles and configurations available, there is certainly a photo booth package for everyone’s needs and preferences. If you’ve decided on which to get for your upcoming event, Cloud Booth is here to help. We offer all of the services mentioned above and many other services to complement your event’s picture-taking needs, such as traditional event photography, roving photography, and table shots instant print. For more information about our high-quality and affordable photography services, don’t hesitate to contact us at any time.