How Photo Booths Can Aid Your Brand’s Experiential Marketing

How Photo Booths Can Aid Your Brand’s Experiential Marketing

Often called participation marketing, experiential marketing is all about making experiences that help promote the brand or its products, and it can make all the difference in getting the customers’ attention. Simply put, by providing experiences to potential clients instead of just telling them something, they can take away a lot more afterwards and have much to reflect on. In today’s world, where traditional marketing methods like TV commercials, newspaper adverts, and many others go increasingly unnoticed by more and more demographics, is there a good reason to invest in more experiential types of marketing? Below are the reasons why the answer is yes.

1. Make shareable moments

In this modern age where digital marketing has become indispensable – even among businesses that do not directly cater to consumer markets – the merits of making shareable moments are clear as day. Offering an experience that gets people talking about it online, sharing pictures, and even streaming it will undoubtedly cause brand awareness to rise exponentially.

This way of going viral organically can be further boosted by using photography at your event – specifically providing photo booths that actively encourage guests to take fun photos of themselves trying out your products or services in person. Hence, setting up photo booth opportunities (bonus points if your print template design consists of your brand logo!) during an event increases the odds of your brand getting noticed in a positive light all across social media.

2. Get the attention of mainstream media

There is no doubt that experiential marketing is great for making shareable and in-person media moments, but mainstream media also plays a crucial role in this equation. For example, you could hire performers to pull a unique stunt in front of a crowd and market your brand afterwards once you have their attention.

Those who witnessed the impromptu show will feel like they have experienced something amazing that disrupts the routine of their everyday life and may record and share it online. If the idea is novel enough, it may go viral and get picked up by news stories and the broadcast media. One way to hit the headlines would be reaching an achievement, such as setting a world record, with event guests playing an active role. Having several photo booths available during the entire event helps capture happy moments from start to finish.

3. Create longer-lasting connections

Several studies show that brands that employ experiential marketing techniques in some of their marketing strategies achieve longer-lasting connections among their target audience. This is no surprise seeing as anything that positively enhances an experience leaves a deeper impression on people’s minds, increasing the likelihood of them recalling it with fondness. Thus, brands who want to bring about greater customer loyalty among their following should prioritise using experiential marketing as soon as possible.


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