5 Ways To Ensure You Have The Best Table Shots At Events

5 Ways To Ensure You Have The Best Table Shots At Events

Professional photographers are necessary to ensure they can capture candid moments during special events. Among the types of shots available, table shots are some of the trickiest shots that photographers need to take during these special events. Table shots are images of guests (and sometimes along with hosts) sitting around the table during weddings, birthday parties, anniversary celebrations, corporate events, and the like. However, they have since fallen out of favour with many people because most table shots include food, drinks, and centrepieces that tend to look cluttered in the photos.

That said, table shots are necessary as these may be the only chance the newlyweds or hosts can take pictures with their guests. This is why hiring professional event photography services that take great table shots is vital.

Aside from ensuring that you have a professional and experienced individual to take the table shots, it’s also imperative that you make the necessary preparations to have amazing pictures throughout your event.

How to ensure you have the best table shots

1. Stick to the number of tables that your venue can accommodate

To get the most bang for your buck, it is normal to want to increase the number of tables to accommodate more guests at a time. While it sounds tempting, resist the temptation to squeeze in more tables to have enough room for you, your guests, and the photographer to roam around the venue.

As much as possible, also try to leave enough space on all sides of the tables to allow the photographer to move around freely to take pictures of you and your guests. This way, the photographer has one less thing to worry about as they focus on working their magic and getting excellent shots.

2. Choose smaller round tables

If you insist on more tables, perhaps consider picking smaller round tables (i.e., eight-seater tables) instead of bigger ones to ensure that all guests sitting at each table will be photographed at once. Moreover, instructing fewer people on what to do and how to pose for each shot will be more manageable.

3. Pick smaller centrepieces

Having stunning centrepieces on the tables does not mean having to choose the biggest, most extravagant pieces possible. Smaller centrepieces will do just the trick, and it also helps to prevent them from covering people’s faces during picture-taking. Furthermore, it will be much easier for guests at a table to converse without centrepieces that tend to block their views.

4. Know when to take the shots

It is easier to take table shots before food is served and while the tables are still clean. The photographer can work the tables right before the servers place plated meals at each table. Or, if you have buffet-style dining, you can have your guests line up at the buffet table in an orderly fashion, so the photographer can take the shots while people wait for their turn.

5. Inform your guests beforehand

If possible, let your guests know that you hired event photography services for the occasion, which means that a photographer will roam around the venue to take pictures of them. This will give people a heads-up and allow them to prepare themselves for the photographs.


The most important thing to remember should you want to hire a photographer is to have ample space to manoeuvre between tables. This is why you should make it a point to consider the venue’s floor plan, the size of the tables, the number of tables and chairs, and other furniture pieces you wish to include.

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