How A Photo Booth Can Help You Save Money On Your Wedding

How A Photo Booth Can Help You Save Money On Your Wedding

Although the dress, dining options, and décor may top the priority list when you plan your wedding, other important things like music, flowers, and a photo booth have now become must-haves too. Particularly, a photo booth is something that should not go missing on your wedding day, as it can add so much more to your lovely event.

For one, a photo booth can bring an element of excitement to your wedding party. And while there are evident costs that come with a photo booth rental in Singapore, there are ways that you can save money with a photo booth as well. If you are curious to know how a photo booth can help you cut costs, this article enumerates some of the incredible ways a photo booth can help you save money on your wedding day.

1. A photo booth makes for a great source of entertainment

Finding a source of entertainment that will keep your guests excited and engaged throughout the event can take a lot of work to tick off your wedding planning list. Fortunately, with a fantastic photo booth, you can easily encourage your guests to have fun and interact with each other while the post-wedding ceremony programme is ongoing.

As mentioned earlier, a photo booth can bring an element of fun to your wedding day. It is where your guests can take cool selfies, pose for group shots, create incredible animated GIFs, and share the joy on their social media channels. Essentially, the interactivity of a photo booth alone is already enough to keep your guests busy and entertained throughout the event.

2. Printed photo booth photos make fantastic wedding favours

Personalised party favours are an incredible way to show your gratitude to your guests and give them a memorable keepsake that will make them remember the special day. However, coming up with an exceptional item that your guests will want to keep can be challenging.

Worry not; you can always opt for high-clarity photo booth prints as a lovely wedding favour to delight guests on your big day! With a photo booth, you can personalise the photos with your names and wedding date, and your guests can keep the prints as a remembrance of your wedding for years to come.

3. Signed photo booth photos can replace the guest book

Getting simple photo frames and albums instead of pricey wedding guest books is a great idea to cut down on your wedding expenses. With a photo booth, you can avoid the high costs of a wedding guest book without sacrificing its benefits. Encourage your guests to print and sign an additional photo from the photo booth setup. Then, add the image to a framed collage for a truly personalised keepsake that does not burn a hole in your pocket.

4. A photo booth can double as a décor

There is really no need to overdo your wedding décor. Incorporating a beautiful background to your photo booth setup, such as a glamorous sequin backdrop or a fresh floral wall, is enough to make your wedding party pop. With something as simple as a photo booth, you can impress your guests!


It goes without saying that there are lots of benefits that come with adding a photo booth to your wedding. Beyond snapping fantastic photos with your family and friends, a photo booth can also help you cut down some expenses on your special wedding event. By planning your wedding right, you and your guests are sure to have loads of fun and memories at a little less cost.

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