How Green Screens Can Elevate Your Photo Booth Rental

How Green Screens Can Elevate Your Photo Booth Rental

Photo booths have recently seen an increasing uptick in popularity and are no longer exclusive to the fun yet traditional booths you commonly find in malls and stores. Nowadays, photo booths thrive as an essential part of the entertainment for events ranging from casual to corporate, including birthday parties, weddings, company parties, and more. Whether for simple fun and enjoyment or as a marketing tool, Singapore photo booth rentals certainly offer much value to any event. The reason behind this versatility is that photo booths come in many flavours and are customisable according to your needs. So, if you want to get the most value out of your photo booth experience, you could consider levelling it up to use green screen technology to give your guests more options to play with. Read on to learn more about green screen photo booths and their infinite possibilities!

An overview of green screen technology

Green screen technology is nothing new, as it has long been used in our favourite shows and movies to bring life to all sorts of astounding visual effects (VFX). As its name implies, a green screen is simply a neon-green background traditionally used when filming. During the post-production phase of a project, it makes things easier for the special effects department to edit the scenes with the green backdrop into virtually anything they want.

With visual editing software now commercially available for all, everyone can use green screens for creative purposes, such as creating VFX-enhanced content. This particular application is what green screen photo booths provide, enabling guests to switch up the traditional photo booth experience into something more, with their imagination being the only limit.

How green screens elevate the photo booth experience

  • Allows for a variety of backdrops

Traditional photo booth rentals typically only stick to one themed backdrop. While there is no problem with having only one background to work with, any guest would undoubtedly love and appreciate having as many options as possible, similar to the filters they have on their phone cameras. By opting for a green screen backdrop, your guests can have infinite possibilities for where they’d like to be transported in their prints. From alien worlds to supernatural environments, they can take their pick and switch it up with every photo they take!

  • Create unique shots that would otherwise be impossible

Besides backdrops, green screens can also be applied to the guests as a simple cloth covering to edit their features and create all sorts of unique shots. For instance, if you’re holding a Halloween party, guests could pose as scary floating heads and try out all kinds of scary edits that don’t require any props or makeup. With just a quick pose and a bit of editing, they can transform into all manners of monsters they like!


Photo booths have come a long way since their humble beginnings, thanks to modern technology making them better than ever. The green screen is only one of many such improvements to photo booths, with other variations like GIF booths just waiting to be explored.

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