Photo Booth For Company Events: Tips To Make Yours Stand Out

Photo Booth For Company Events: Tips To Make Yours Stand Out

Out of the many entertainment options available for an event, nothing beats a photo booth‘s fun and interactive experience and limitless enjoyment for attendees. From personal affairs like weddings and birthdays to more professional ones such as corporate events, photo booth rentals in Singapore provide unparalleled entertainment, capture timeless memories, and even generate marketing and branding engagement opportunities. However, when picking a photo booth provider, be careful to prevent costly mistakes like selecting an obscure provider – thorough research is advisable.

If you’re keen on making your next corporate event stand out, here are a few suggestions involving the tried-and-true photo booth.

1. Attendee engagement

Entertainment is indispensable to the success of any corporate event, and a photo booth provides just that to ensure there’s not a single idle moment for your guests. Photo booths present an opportunity for attendees to truly be part of the event and get them to shake off their stiffness, let loose a little, be creative, and reveal a bit of their true selves in what might otherwise be a formal event.

The booth’s interactivity is an engaging and fun-filled way to promote positive vibes among employees and guests and get everyone talking about the event long afterwards. Get plenty of props and backdrops to choose from (consider a green screen as well!) to allow for all kinds of picture-taking possibilities, from a formal group photo to more light-hearted snaps. Promote further engagement by live-screening the photos on a big screen at the venue and letting everyone get in on the fun as they enjoy a live view of the photos from the event.

2. Complete brand activation

Photo booths for corporate events help elevate brand authority and introduce the brand to new people, enabling guests to interact directly with brand imagery. Thus, with the right photo booth setup, organisations can catch guests’ attention, make a strong impression on them, and set the overall tone of the event. Take the opportunity to showcase your event theme or brand identity via tasteful branding on custom printed backdrops, custom designed props, photo prints with a custom designed overlay, and instant downloading or sharing to social media for complete brand activation.

3. Maximum exposure

Reach more people with your brand activation by hiring a photo booth that allows guests to instantly download and share their photos. Engaging content such as Boomerangs and GIFs encourages social sharing that instantly turns guests into brand ambassadors. The photos they take are not just wonderful keepsakes when printed but also usable content for the brand’s future marketing and social media campaigns.

4. Tools for marketing teams

Besides quality entertainment, photo booths with additional features such as data collection, surveys, and analytics let you get more out of your event. For instance, guests can answer three to five custom questions for printing their photos on different templates or sharing them in other ways, such as via email. Marketing teams can then use the data collected during or after the function for their needs, like gauging its success. Analytics can also reveal the success of the photo booth itself after the event. These features collect critical information about your brand and event while letting guests have fun at the same time!


Photo booths for company events not only give your guests a memorable experience but also make marketing more fun. Collaboration with the right photo booth services provider can create new engagement opportunities with your audience, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Cloud Booth before your next big event!

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