Top 3 Reasons To Have A Photo Booth At Your Baby Shower Party

Top 3 Reasons To Have A Photo Booth At Your Baby Shower Party

When a couple announces the birth of a new family member, hosting parties is a highly anticipated occasion. After all, what better way to announce a baby’s arrival than with an event that celebrates their birth?

In Singapore, one of the ways parents celebrate the coming of a new family member is to throw a baby shower party a month after the baby is born. It’s also a way for them to introduce the baby in the presence of their closest family and friends. Moreover, it’s the perfect opportunity for the special people in their lives to shower the baby (and parents) with an everlasting love and thoughtful gifts! However, with the normalities of the event consisting of fun games to be played, not everyone enjoys playing the same old games that have since gained popularity. Enter: a baby shower-themed photo booth! Photo booths are virtually a must at major life events – who’s to say you can’t have one for your baby shower or gender reveal party?

In this article, we share the top three reasons why you should opt for a photo booth at your baby shower:

1. You can make a grand statement via social media

Aside from the loved ones you intend to invite to your baby shower, you might want to announce your baby’s arrival to other relatives and friends. And one of the quickest and best ways to do so is by leveraging your social media. But if you’d like to take it a step further than the classic professional images you can post on Instagram, have your photographs taken in a photo booth instead!

At Cloud Booth, our photo booth services come equipped with industry-standard features like instant sharing on Facebook or an instant private download link (QR code) for those who prefer privacy. So, be sure to use props and our bespoke print template design to your advantage if you really want to amp up those photos for yourself and your guests.

2. Photo booth images always make great keepsakes

One of the advantages of having a professional photo booth in Singapore for your events is that they take high-quality images – these instant prints in superb clarity are always a plus for the guests to bring home as souvenirs from your social gathering. Hiring a photo booth service does not only mean you’ll have true-studio quality photos but also onsite support that can help guests position themselves for great-looking pictures.

Furthermore, the instant prints make excellent additions to your new photo album dedicated to your baby. It would surely be a thoughtful gift for when they grow up and realise how loved they are, the moment they come into existence!

3. Guests can say their well wishes to the baby and parents in a fun way

Having a baby is, by no doubt, such a special time. Understandably, guests would want to say their heartfelt advice, congratulations, hopes, and wishes to the new parents and their baby. While saying these things out loud is more than enough, you can always opt for a scrapbook that would allow guests to paste their photo booth print and write their messages beside it. It is an excellent way to preserve your loved ones’ sincere messages, and makes for a lovely way to look back at such a sentimental moment in your life.


Memories preserved through a time-freezing device are a staple of any event in the 21st century. But to ensure that you’ll have studio-quality photos to reminisce about the good times (and add a little bit of fun while at it), you can always consider engaging in a trusted photo booth rental in Singapore! At Cloud Booth, our extensive range of services extend past photo booth rentals: we also cater for weddings, reunions, corporate, and other event photography services. Contact us today to learn more about what we have to offer!