Why Photo Booth And Photographers Are Necessary For Any Event

Why Photo Booth And Photographers Are Necessary For Any Event

Looking back on special moments with our loved ones is a priceless thing for many of us. This is why photos will always remain the best way to capture life’s memories no matter how much time passes – regardless of if they are traditional polaroids, digital pictures, or otherwise.

Of course, taking pictures is easy enough with today’s technology. However, there’s more to capturing mementoes than just that, hence the importance of being selective when choosing photography services for special occasions. Reaching an informed decision about who or what will capture your event requires understanding the difference between photo booths and professional photographers. Below, we look at the roles of these two photography services, their importance to your event, and the unique experience they offer!

Professional photographers

Professional photographers are a mainstay for important events and milestones such as weddings because their expertise in capturing moments can transport viewers and make them feel as if they were at that exact point in time. Their comprehensive understanding of things like exposure, lighting, depth of field, and more lets them adjust their instrument accordingly to capture the perfect still at any moment.

Whether it be an event or roving photography, photographers generally roam the venue to cover every guest and angle of the event and follow along with its flow. They naturally blend into the background, and possess a keen eye for candid shots that convey the whole story or emotion of a particular moment. In short, they can see things others can’t and turn transient moments into timeless memories!

Photo booths

Unlike photographers, photo booths in Singapore are stationary, themed kiosks that let guests take photographs by themselves. Set the timer, get ready, pose, and voilà; the photo is captured and available in digital and physical formats, ready to be shared on social media! But that’s only the tip of the iceberg; while the photos produced are undoubtedly important, the experience of taking them takes precedence in the context of the event. In fact, photo booths serve double duty by capturing memories and entertainment.

Many guests find photo booths to be a personal and often nostalgic experience – one of many reasons to include a photo booth for your event. Since the best photo booth systems are controlled and handled by a professional software suite instead of a person behind the camera taking photos manually, those who are camera-shy can feel more comfortable getting their picture taken. Moreover, photo booths provide instant entertainment, which means guests can get and enjoy their prints immediately and go right back to enjoying the event. Last but not least, having a photo booth not only lets your guests take home their photos, but you’ll also get digital copies to keep afterwards.

Deciding between a photo booth and a professional photographer

1. Attendant and photographer

Photo booths generally come with attendants who can set up the booth and know how it works. Moreover, they can help guests operate the camera system, get the props they need, and offer advice on taking more flattering poses.

On the other hand, professional photographers come with top-of-the-line equipment to catch the moments everyone is too busy to notice, as well as provide the same guidance when taking posed shots.

2. Souvenirs

Pictures taken by both services provide lifelong snapshots of precious memories. The professional photographers do the heavy lifting, from taking photos to editing and delivering the final shots, but all that takes time and can often take days to weeks to complete. In contrast, photo booths have instant turnaround times and put photo souvenirs in guests’ hands at once.

3. Guest experience

Without a doubt, capturing top-notch candid or posed shots of you and your guests can only be done by a professional photographer. They can take these photos after the event and do their editing magic to ensure the pictures you receive are beautiful and crystal clear.

On the contrary, photo booths provide an instant gratification experience, with pictures getting snapped and printed in real time. That being said, the best Singapore photo booths employ a full studio setup that will allow superb photos right out of the booth without the need for editing. Both photo outcomes and experiences are completely different yet equally necessary and exciting for any big event.


All in all, photo booths create an experience for you and the guests while photographers capture every possible angle and moment in the event. Neither can replace the other, so it’s a no-brainer to include both services to ensure the best photographic coverage of your event!

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