Some events need a dedicated photographer. Special events like weddings will want to be remembered forever. A photographer would be able to capture the important moments at such an event: the moment the bride walks down the aisle, the exchange of rings or the first kiss. Photographers can be good at corporate events too, capturing key moments like the arrival of the guest-of-honour. If you’re searching for an event photographer in Singapore to capture those crucial moments, you will certainly need to have a discerning eye for a photographer that can have an eye for a good photograph while being professional, meticulous and able to meet all your needs. Here are three tips that may be helpful to help you hire the perfect photographer for your event.

Look around for a good photographer

Whether it be through Google or through personal recommendation, a photographer can be found in a variety of places. Many photographers will also have a website set up, showing some of their photos and featuring some of their past clients. An event photographer with a good website is generally more reliable, as they are more experienced in their work. You may also want to look for reviews by searching their name on Google to see if they have a good track record. Some photographers actually work in companies – those are even more reputable, as companies generally only hire photographers who are capable and have a lot of experience freelancing. Companies are often also more reliable than freelancers. Imagine the freelance photographer you hired calling you on the morning of your event, telling you he can’t make it because of some emergency!

A portfolio tells a thousand words

The traditional saying about pictures is commonly used to describe the power of a photo. A portfolio is much more powerful than a single photo. A photographer’s portfolio allows you to understand how they work, their aesthetics and their strengths. It is often more telling than a resume, as the portfolio will not only show their past clients but also show the work that they produce. When looking at a photographer’s portfolio, you should be able to get a sense of their quality of photographs and their experience in working in different environments. For instance, a wedding photographer would certainly be able to show more photos taken during weddings. From there, you can evaluate whether you like the photographer’s work. That’s the first step to knowing if you’ve hired the right person to be your event photographer.

Sit down and talk about the specifics

When you’ve shortlisted and hired a photographer after looking through a few portfolios, you should provide a schedule or program of the event and brief the photographer on what to expect. This is incredibly important. The more direction you give to a photographer, the more likely they would be able to deliver work that would meet your expectations. Specifics may include the important segments of your event, which types of photos need to be taken and any important guests to photograph.


With these handy tips, it will be easy for you to hire the perfect photographer for any needs. For more information on good event photographers, email us at cloudbooth@seankohphotography.com.