Ever since the invention of photo film, we have had the ability to keep physical copies of all our photos. These photos often act as gateways for us to reminisce about our past and evoke emotions. They act as memories stored physically, for us to access anytime we wanted to. That is the reason why instant photo booths in Singapore provide unlimited physical printouts of photos for guests. These printed photos spark joy.

But with physical photo printouts, there is always a danger that they are destroyed. If they get consumed by fire, damaged by water or “confiscated” by family members, the physical photo printouts would no longer be able to serve its purpose. It is also much more difficult to make duplicates of the physical photograph.

With the invention of data storage, photos could easily be stored digitally on electronic devices instead. Digital copies of photographs make it extremely easy to access any memory you want at any time, so long as you remember where you had digitally stored it. Remember the last time you scrolled through your phone’s gallery to pull up the photo you needed? That is a true testament to the convenience and accessibility of digital photographs.

So, which type of photograph is better? This article explains the pros and cons of photo printouts and digital photos, so you can decide which one to opt for the next time you’re at a photo booth.

Environmental footprint

Without a doubt, opting for the digital photograph is a more environmentally friendly option. The printing of photographs uses resources such as paper and ink in order to create a physical copy of the photo. While the resources used are quite minimal, they can add up over time. Digital photographs, on the other hand, does not use any additional materials to store, besides some digital space.


Digital photos tend to be long-lasting as there is no real wear and tear that comes with this form of photographs. Besides the potential damages mentioned above, physical photographs are also susceptible to everyday wear and tear. If you have ever had a Polaroid long enough, you would also know that the ink on a photograph tends to fade after a few years. The longer-lasting option is the digital one as long as you back up your photos religiously.

Security Issues

Digital photos are actually a type of personal data. With your digital photographs, data miners are able to use various programmes to recognise your face and compare it with other digital photos available online or in various databases. Of course, there are methods which can protect your system and files from hackers, but those are not completely foolproof. Physical photographs, on the other hand, are offline, and much more difficult to steal as they are with you and you can keep them safely under lock and key.


Ultimately, choosing between a physical and a digital photograph is up to your personal preferences. After all, some people prefer a sheet to hold in their hand or to personally file and decorate their own physical photo album, while others are very okay with swiping through their gallery as they look at their children’s wedding photos. The photo booth provides both options, perfect for whichever type of person you are.