Ever since the invention of photo technology, photo booths have become significantly more advanced. From the use of digital storage instead of film to high-speed printing, modern photo booths have incorporated many new features that the rapid advancements in technology have had to offer. These improvements have not only made photo booths quicker and therefore more efficient, but also made the experience a more enjoyable one for all guests. Many professional photo booths would have incorporated such features. In this article, we will discuss three new features that modern photo booths have incorporated to greatly enhance the photo booth experience.

A pop-up studio experience

As photo technology evolves, equipment is made more robust and mobile. In the past, photo studios required a lot of set-up as lights, props and other equipment are heavy. Today, cameras and lights are much more compact and also much lighter, making them easier to transport from place to place. When the best photo booths are set up, they are now using studio-grade equipment, which means stellar lighting, high-quality DSLR cameras and a well-trained photographer. It’s almost as if the studio moved to a new pop-up spot! All this means that the photos taken will be of studio quality, perfect to impress guests with.

Physical and digital copies, on the spot

Besides the amazingly fast methods of photo-taking, modern photo booths are also able to produce high-quality physical copies of photos in a flash, thanks to improved printing technologies. Photos are printed within a minute after they are taken, so guests can pick them up and bring them home immediately. That’s not all, though. All photos taken by the photo booth are uploaded to a digital cloud and onto Facebook, so guests can retrieve the photos digitally at any time. Event organisers can also receive the digital copies of all photos taken at the photo booth at the end of the event. For a special surprise, it is also possible to put together a slideshow of all the photos by live streaming them for your guests’ viewing pleasure! All these features are only possible due to the photo booth’s modern integration with digital media.

Making a mark on the photos

Each printed photo can be customised based on the event organiser’s needs. A fancy border or a message can be printed with the photo to emphasise the event’s message. For instance, if the photo booth is at a community event, then the event title and relevant graphics can be printed with the photo. Photo booths at weddings can also use the bride and groom’s name, and even include their pre-wedding photos. The graphics can be discussed and created before the event with specialised graphic designers. This would definitely not be possible without the amazing photo editing software that is available to everyone today.


Photo booths are evolving rapidly with the times. Technology has enabled the photo booth to become more modern and user-friendly for all guests. Who knows what new technology will enhance the photo booth in the next few years? To rent a modern photo booth for your event or for further enquiries, contact us at cloudbooth@seankohphotography.com!