If you are organising an event, you may consider renting a photo booth in Singapore. Photo booths are essentially pop-up stations where guests can pose for a commemorative photo of the event. Modern photo booths are even able to print out these pictures immediately after they are taken, so guests can bring home a positive memory of the event. Photo booths are not a fad; in fact, they’ve been around since the invention of photography in the 1800s, though constantly evolving technology has made them more portable, easier to use and generally a more enjoyable experience. Photo booths can thus enhance any event you organise. Here are a few ways that photo booths make any event more enjoyable.

Capturing key memories

Photographs are well-known to be able to capture the essence of a memory and distil it to a singular image dear to a person’s heart. With photo booths, that quality of each photograph is enhanced dramatically. Besides offering a beautiful backdrop and flattering lights for a technically better photograph, new photo booths can place graphic design elements on the photograph to show off the theme or mood of the event. For instance, photographs printed at a wedding photo booth may use the chic black-and-white theme of a classic wedding, complete with the names of the bride and groom printed on. What’s more, these photos are also available digitally for download through Facebook, so even if guests accidentally lose the physical copy, they will still be able to retrieve the same photo online. These features make the photo booth a great way to capture important memories of the event and store them accessibly for everyone.

An exciting activity for guests

In the modern age of Instagram, who doesn’t love a good, well-taken photo? A photo booth doesn’t just provide the photo-taking service, it also gives room for all guests to play with the aspects of photo-taking. Provided with the booths are an eclectic variety of props, ranging from masks to toy weapons to intricately designed placards. These props are great for guests who would like to co-ordinate their photograph. Perhaps the group would like to coordinate and use specific props to make them look like they’re in a James Bond movie. Or perhaps the props can tell a story of a young man pursuing his lover with a rose. Props make the photo booth experience come alive for anyone who would like to let their creativity flow.

Flash your guests’ photos on a screen in the event!

For an added surprise, you could set up a special live-streamed slideshow of the photos your guests took during the event! As all photos taken at the photo booth are uploaded onto a digital cloud, it would definitely be possible to download them and stream them in the event venue. Watch as your guests smile with delight as they see their beautifully-taken photograph appear on the screen. This feature is perfect for banquet events and weddings, and guests are certain to remember.


With photo booths, each event can be made even more enjoyable for guests! Contact Cloud Booth at for more information.