Have you always wanted to be an amazing photographer? Around the world, the best photographers are highly revered for their ability to capture high-quality images. Celebrity photographers even get to work at globally important events, work with celebrities and even travel the world. Even if your aspirations are much less grand, photographers in Singapore can also make a comfortable living by working in photo studios, be hired as an event photographer by many clients or shoot in adventurous environments with various publications. To get started on your photography journey, here are three steps you should consider taking in order to become an amazing photographer.

Just get started!

Like any other interest, if you want to be a great photographer, you have to start taking photographs – lots of them. These days, you can start by picking up any decent camera phone. At this stage, you should be on the lookout for great photo opportunities, especially when you’re attending an event as a casual event photographer or exploring the many nooks and crannies of Singapore. Whenever you see something interesting and a photo concept comes to your mind, whip out your camera and try to get the perfect shot. Just by starting this way and slowly accumulating your photography experience, you’ll have a portfolio of photos in no time. It may also be wise to consider what makes you interested in photography. Do you want your photos to illustrate a story and if so, what type of stories do you wish to tell? Or do you photograph things to create a moving piece of visual art? Do you like to play with colour, shapes or brightness? These questions are great to ask when first starting out so you can decide what to focus on in your quest to take more photographs.

Build a portfolio

All clients will look at a photographer’s portfolio before hiring them. So if you want to start earning money with your photography skills, it would be wise to have a portfolio ready. This can take a few forms – it could be an Instagram profile you’ve dedicated to your photos, a website that potential clients can readily access or even a physical album that you could bring around. When building a portfolio, consider showing off your skills with a large variety of different shots in varying environments. Compile a portfolio of beautiful portraits, stunning landscapes, vivid motion blurs and many more. With enough experience, trial-and-error and learning from other photographers’ work, you would definitely be able to land your first client.

Work professionally

After you land your first photography job, always be ready to gather feedback from clients so you can improve your work. The more you’re able to work with clients, the better feedback you’ll get and the more opportunities you’ll be able to land. Always remember that as a freelance photographer, you’ll often have to build your own brand and business slowly. Who knows? Maybe you’ll eventually be able to work for a big photo studio in the future!


With these three steps, your dream of becoming a professional photographer is only a stone’s throw away. Who knows, maybe soon you’ll be the most sought after event photographer in Singapore!