The first time you saw an instant photo booth in Singapore, you were probably quite amazed at how quickly the photos were printed. Some guests might had been even skeptical of the printed photo’s quality. One look at the photo, however, and everyone was taken aback by how beautiful the pictures looked – the lighting was perfect on faces and details came out crisp and clear. And all photos were printed within such a short time. How was that possible? In this article, we will share with you three tactics that vendors providing instant print photography in Singapore use to ensure photos printed from their photo booths look stunning despite having only a minute of printing time.

Studio lighting – almost like a photoshoot!

Before the first guest steps into the photo booth, everything is already set up for success. The best instant photo booths sports a studio-quality set-up, which means bright and flattering lighting perfectly angled for guests. These lights will ensure that all guests’ faces are well-lit and reduce the need for editing and adjustments afterwards. The camera is also preset to ensure that the ideal amount of light is captured in the photographs. With the best lighting possible, these photos can be printed immediately after they are taken. That is one of the methods we use to ensure the photo is printed quickly and then delivered to our guests.

A highly experienced photography team

High-quality equipment is only one part of the whole process. The staff members play a large role in ensuring the photos are printed quickly too. Having a highly experienced photographer operating the camera means he will be able to direct guests for the best shot possible. He would also be able to quickly and skillfully operate the high definition camera and fix any technical issues that may come up. Photo assistants are also present on-site to assist the photographer and guests, if necessary. Together, the team can work well and efficiently to ensure guests are able to receive their printed pictures very quickly after they are taken.

A durable high-quality printer for a photo finish!

The finishing touch to the photo booth experience, of course, is the printing of the photograph. A durable, reliable and high-quality industry standard printer will be able to print out your 4R photograph perfectly with its glossy finish. The printer is also incredibly fast, catering to the needs of guests who hire a corporate or wedding photo booth in Singapore. The team of photographers and photo assistants are trained to troubleshoot and fix the printer too if any issues happen to arise during the event. This way, the printer will never fail to print out the perfect photos of all guests! Guests who like their first photo may even decide to take two or three more, and the team will gladly assist them. An unlimited number of prints are available over the course of the rental period.


The finest photo booth is certainly able to deliver high-quality prints in a record small amount of time. These three factors greatly increase the efficiency of the photo booth while ensuring each photo comes out perfect.