A photographer is a key staff at any reputable event. Photographers work during the event to capture the best photos for a corporation’s archival or future use. Because these pictures will need to be of good quality and very well taken, many corporations hire an experienced corporate event photographer for their event. These photographers take briefs from their clients and work hard to ensure every important moment is captured at its best. After the event is over, they will then edit the photographs taken before submitting them to the client, who can then use the photographs for the required purposes. Corporate event photography plays a large role in ensuring the event is well documented. In this article, we will explain three good reasons why a company would want to hire a good corporate event photographer for their event.


Photo studios and other photography businesses bring with them the experience of working on many different projects over the years. This separates them significantly from company ad-hoc photographers with significantly less experience. They’re more sensitive to the environment and will be able to figure out the best way to photograph something with a honed instinct that can only come from years of experience. They’re also very familiar with the equipment that they use, requiring less time to operate the camera and lights. Paying for a corporate event photography service also means you are paying for the experience behind the photographer and the quality that comes with it.


Though experience is an important factor for any photographer, professionalism may be more important to some corporations. When photographing an event, a photographer should exhibit good work ethics. Politeness, etiquette and goodwill are all important in ensuring all people feel comfortable and welcomed at the event. A professional photographer will also be able to work well with their clients, understanding their expectations through diplomatic conversations. The character of the photographer and their professionalism can affect the quality of the photographs taken and may even affect the reputation of the company in the future.


Hiring and delegating one person or a team of people to the task of photographing an event can make the process a lot smoother. The client would not have to worry about delegating his/her organization’s manpower or procuring the equipment needed. Everything from pre-event to post-event will be handled by the event photography team. The team will likely liaise with one or two employees from the company to ensure that the whole photography job is done well. It is this inherent convenience and peace of mind that make it so useful to hire an external corporate event photography service.


Event photography is not a simple task. Having a good corporate event photographer on-site will make it a breeze for your team and you. At the end of the event, you are certain to receive excellent photographs taken and edited by professional and talented photographers. To hire a photographer for your event, do contact Cloud Booth at cloudbooth@seankohphotography.com!