Every event should have a good photographer. A photographer’s job is to usually roam around the event venue, capturing important moments in photographs. Whether it is the momentous ‘I Do’ of a wedding, the first runner to cross a marathon’s finish line or the overwhelming laughter of guests at a seminar, the job of an event photographer is indisputably important. Different event photographers will produce different results based on their previous experience, and so you should hire a consistently good event photographer for your event. There are some qualities that all good event photographers possess. These qualities will not only produce better photographs but also help them build good working relationships with clients, thereby reinforcing their prospects as your event photographer. Here are three qualities that you should look out for whenever you want to hire an event photographer.

Detailed, meticulous and careful

Because photography mainly involves the capturing of still images, what goes inside each still image is very important. A good photographer will be able to spot with a keen eye what needs to change so that the photo turns out better for the client. This can be as simple as adjusting his/her position or can be as technical as adjusting a camera’s shutter speed, aperture, white balance and ISO for a better photo. Meticulousness is a great trait for a photographer to possess. With this quality, clients rest easy knowing that the photographer will present pictures that are mostly close to perfection. That is why detail-oriented people with a keen eye make excellent event photographers.

Flexibility, patience and thoughtfulness

While photographers rely on their technical skills to perform their job well, there are several social skills that a photographer must possess to do well professionally. Photography involves a lot more than just handling the camera. It involves working with people – clients, guests and assistants, tending to each individual’s needs. For instance, with clients, photographers may have to exercise forethought as they predict what the clients would like to see delivered from the project. Guests would instead require the photographer to be personable and have good customer service skills, to create good impressions of the event organiser. That is why a good photographer must be patient, flexible and considerate. These social qualities will also help an event photographer go a long way in securing future jobs too.

Imagination and creativity

Photography is an art form. As such, creativity is a must when working in this field. High-paying clients will request for specific photographers and those who make a mark for themselves with their unique artistic style will stand out. Creative photographs typically employ photography techniques that are very appropriate for the situation and can be hard to come by. For instance, a photograph in the delivered album may have a heavy focus on a particular object to show its importance in the event. There may also be a creative concept used, such as capturing mainly photographs with specific colour palettes to match the mood of the event or learning to take action shots from interesting angles based on the event. Creativity is one key attribute that separates the good photographers from the excellent ones. It is clearly seen when looking through a photographer’s portfolio. While there are always rules to follow when taking photos, artistic creativity is the essence that will bring event photographers to the next level.


With these three main qualities to look for, you will certainly be able to find the perfect event photographer in Singapore for your event. At Cloud Booth, our event photographers have years of experience under their belt and will always work together with clients to achieve the best photos possible. For enquiries, do contact us at cloudbooth@seankohphotography.com