Many event managers are turning to photo booths in Singapore as a worthwhile activity for their guests to participate in. Photo booths function as entertainment for guests, a form of event branding and an activity that guests can fill their time with. Photo booths can also help event organisers by providing them with a digital album of the photos that were taken during the event for review or marketing use. Because of the high demand for instant photo booths, there is a large market of photo booth vendors available for hire. It is important to carefully consider the photo booth vendor, as they can vary in price and quality. In this article, we will review two qualities that your photo booth needs to have to ensure your guests are wowed by the photo booth so that you can achieve all the event objectives.

Stunning, high-quality pictures

There are many types of photo booths in Singapore. You should always hire a photo booth with a professional DSLR camera in their set-up. This is very important as the quality of the camera equipment will determine the quality of the photos when they are printed and presented to your guests. A DSLR camera will allow its user full control of all its settings, such as the focus, exposure and colour balance. Cheaper or budget booths may attract you with their competitive prices, but some might use iPads or other mobile devices as the booth’s camera. Some might use cameras with very basic kit lenses with poor lighting.

It is also important that the photographer is experienced, as guests may need some direction so that the photo is beautifully captured and printed. A well-established photographer will also be able to spot issues in the camera’s settings and fix them promptly. So look for a photo booth vendor that’s set up and run by professional photographers who know what they are doing!

One way to tell the quality of the photos from a vendor is to look at the photos posted on their website or social media pages. If you like the pictures there, that is a good sign this might be the right photo booth vendor for you.

Quick and efficient printing of photographs

Gone are the days where people need to wait hours or days before they can have their picture printed. These days, instant print photography is available in any respectable photo booth. This feature is possible due to many parts of the process that make photo printing as fast as it can be. Guests will need to wait for less than one minute before they receive their pictures. This is possible because of a well-prepared crew and thorough set-up. Lights are placed in a studio-like setting so that flattering lighting are on the guests’ face when the photo is taken. Properly done, no editing is required, and the photos can be printed immediately. A high-speed printer will print out a beautiful 4R photo with a glossy finish. The entire process is so fast, guests will be walking away happy with their photo before they realise it! This fast printing is probably why you would want to hire a photo booth in the first place – to delight guests with their beautifully printed photographs.


At events, photo booths add a lot of fun to the party. A good photo booth is not only efficient and professional but also incredibly enjoyable to the guests. To book a photo booth for your event, please email cloudbooth@seankohphotography.com.