Photo booths are the perfect accompaniment to any important event. Whether it is a wedding, an exhibition, a party or a corporate event, photo booths can play an important role in capturing memories, delighting guests and adding to the mood of the celebration. Though photo booths are good for any event with a sizable number of guests, there are some specific events that make photo booths in Singapore much more fun and enjoyable for all guests. Typically, these events do not only host larger crowds but also allow for the client to be more creative with the photo booth printouts. In this article, we will go over three types of events that would be complete with a rented photo booth.


Wedding photo booths in Singapore are perhaps one of the most common. Photo booths are great to keep wedding guests entertained during the reception. Very often, they are the only form of entertainment during the cocktail reception. They also make a great dedicated photo spot so the bride and groom can take pictures with their loved ones in an orderly manner. With good photo booths, a wedding can be made even more special. Printouts with custom designs will add to the celebratory mood and help the guests remember the fun time they had during the wedding celebration. A more modern photo booth can also be linked to the projector inside the banquet hall, allowing for a surprise live slideshow for the guests! Photo booths go hand-in-hand with weddings to make the celebration even more personal and memorable.

Corporate outreach events

A photo booth is very relevant at a corporate event, especially when audience members need to bring home a specific message. Most often, these events come in the form of outreach, persuading the guests to perform a task or remember the company for its values. Common types of outreach events include Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) performed by larger corporations or smaller initiatives launched by non-government organisations (NGO). Clients are able to customise their photo booth and printout so that the printed photos will remind guests of the values they stand for. For instance, the printout may come with the company’s logo or slogan and there could be props that relate to the company’s message. In essence, a photo booth printout will serve as a reminder for guests after they leave the event.

School reunions, parties and other celebrations

A photo booth is an ageless instrument of fun. However, have a photo booth in an event full of young people and you’re in for a blast. University and Pre-University students are at the age where friendships are savoured and good times are highly sought after. This means they’re more likely to go all out in ensuring the best use of a photo booth, whether that means crazy poses, funky faces or simply taking many photos with the people they adore. The photo booth experience will never be boring at a school reunion or party and that is what makes it the perfect place for the photo booth in Singapore.


These three events – weddings, corporate outreach and school reunions – are great places to have a photo booth. To enquire more about the finest photo booths in Singapore, contact Cloud Booth at cloudbooth@seankohphotography.com today!