Wedding photo booths are extremely common in Singapore. That is for good reason. These instant print photo booths are designed to delight all guests with a glamorous and beautifully printed photo of themselves. When guests bring home their printed picture, they will not only feel happy about the bride and groom’s marriage but also happy that they look astonishingly good that night. Each picture is perfectly adorned with a unique printout design, often featuring the happy couple at their best. These photos are great for putting up on walls and on desks to remember the momentous day that is a loved one’s wedding. Photo booths also have other surprises in store for guests. Here are three ways that a wedding photo booth is certain to delight all wedding guests.

A fun and social activity to break the ice

Meeting a relative after months or years apart can get a little awkward. This is especially true for Singaporean weddings, where tables of family members are often invited. These family members may not even know each other. The presence of a photo booth allows these family members to engage in an activity together. Taking a picture as a family will not only increase the bond between each individual member but also help each member understand each other better. Photo booths get especially fun when the guests know each other and the feelings for each other can be seen in their expressions. Photo booths thus become a fun social activity for all guests to partake in.

A physical and digital experience all in one!

The modern photo booth available at weddings is not only able to print out a clear and high-quality picture for guests. It is also able to instantly upload the pictures that are taken onto an online cloud. This means that in addition to walking away with the printed photos, guests can also instantly find their photo online and download it on their phone, perfect for sharing with their friends and family members on social media. The digital aspect of the wedding photo booth in Singapore often comes as a pleasant surprise to many guests, turning the excitement of their beautiful photo into the sharing of the celebratory mood of the wedding online. Now, profile pictures can be taken using a professional camera too – all at the wedding photo booth.

Props and backdrop for a creative photoshoot

What’s a better way to celebrate a wedding than to play a bit of dress-up? Even if guests walk in without an idea of how they want their photo to look like, they will certainly be inspired by the large library of props available. From soft toys to placards, these props can be used to make the photoshoot much more special for the guests. The backdrop, chosen by the wedding organisers, will also help bring guests into the mood of the celebration. In this way, guests are able to have a great time each moment they spend in the photo booth.


A wedding photo booth is a welcome sight for any guest. It is potentially one of the best ways to keep guests engaged while the bride and groom are busy entertaining others or getting ready for the ceremony. Each photo taken at a photo booth is certain to come out beautifully.