Photo Booth Singapore, Photo Booth Wedding Singapore

If you have ever been to a wedding with a wedding photo booth in Singapore, then you will know that a photo booth is an all-inclusive activity, giving everybody a chance to take a picture with their loved ones. What you may not notice is how each type of guest interacts with the photo booth. Each individual is unique, but there are certainly some archetypes that guests will fall into. Here are five types of guests found at photo booths, based on observations from the vendor of the finest photo booth in Singapore.

The lovey-dovey couple

It is slightly rarer to see two lovebirds expressing their affection in public. The photo booth presents the perfect opportunity for this to happen, especially a wedding photo booth. When the two are so madly in love, they would be thrilled to take many silly pictures together at the photo booth, adorned with props that expressing their love and commitment to each other. Guests will certainly be smiling at the adorably silly antics the lovey-dovey couple engage in.

Kiasu Auntie

This energetic and endearing middle-aged woman will make a beeline for the photo booth to make sure she will have something to remember the event by. When you tell her that she can take as many pictures as she’d like, she would believe you and be ecstatic. Usually, aunties would come with their close friends or their family members. She will certainly rope in all the people she knows into the photo booth with her!

The solo man or woman

In rare occasions, the bride or groom would invite a person who attends the wedding alone, sometimes because their friends could not make it. The photo booth is actually perfect for such an individual because they can spend some time getting a little souvenir for themselves. Getting a solo shot at a photo booth is not weird at all, contrary to popular belief. In fact, the props available will also help the guest with constructing the best photo for themselves. These guests will certainly be elated to see a photo booth.


Kids are often one of the most excited people when they see a photo booth. Their unfettered sense of wonder is immediately shown as they convince their parents to bring them over. Photo booths incorporate a lot of fun and playful elements, especially in the colourful props and backdrops available. The wedding photo booth is the perfect way for children to express themselves, under the guidance of their parents, of course.

Bridesmaids and groomsmen

Lastly, the people who will find the most use out of the photo booth will likely be the bridesmaid and groomsmen. These are the people who have been helping with the wedding planning from the get-go and they will certainly want as many souvenirs to remember the event by as they can get. The photo booth is the perfect opportunity for all of them to gather and take a picture – celebrating not just the wedding of the bride and groom but also all their hard work putting the wedding together. Isn’t that a perfect way to end off the big day?