Event Photography Singapore, Event Photography Services Singapore

At every corporate event, a photographer is a must. This role is important because photos and videos are the items that will be left to remember the event by after everything has concluded. The memories, stored either in physical printouts or in digital folders, are useful in analysing the event’s success and in helping guests remember the wonderful experience they had attending the event. Corporate event photography in Singapore is even more common for internally organised events like a Company Dinner & Dance. But what makes up an event photography service that’s worth hiring? Here are the three traits of a good event photographer that will value-add to any event.

Photographers who are highly experienced in a variety of environments

Like any other trade, the skills of photographers are highly dependent on the experiences they have gone through. Whether it be working at a professional indoor photo studio or operating a photo booth in Singapore, their past experiences working behind a camera will help them navigate the more complex and dynamic event environment. The time spent handling the camera will also mean they are more familiar with how to capture good pictures and therefore are able to start snapping pictures the moment they arrive. In addition, these event photographers are able to take directions from clients, so they can deliver exactly what is expected of their service. A highly experienced photographer is certainly needed to ensure excellent photography.

Care and diligence in post-event photo editing

All the breathtaking photos you see on the internet have gone through some form of editing. Whether it is slightly adjusting the brightness and contrast or heavy colour correction, it is near impossible to get one stunning photo without some visual enhancements. That is why the finest corporate event photography will involve spending time and effort after the event ends to adjust the pictures they took. There is never a compromise for delivering beautiful, captivating and story-driven photographs for every event captured. Because of this, truly committed photographers will need up to a week after the event concludes before they can deliver the final selection of photographs to their clients. It’s not a sign of inefficiency. But rather, it is the diligence of the photographers that is a sure sign you have hired one of the best ones possible.

Ability to work closely with clients

Lastly, a good photographer should not only know how to take good pictures, but also know how to take pictures that the client would like. Because clients are vast and can have very different expectations, having a photographer who can preempt the client’s requests and meet them is the best. Of course, it is also the onus of both the client and the photographer to discuss the plans of the event, what is possible and the expected outcome. Clients and photographers must work hand in hand for a fruitful and successful working relationship. One way to tell if a photographer is a good fit with specific clients is to look at their portfolio and see if their style of photography is something that the client wants. It also helps to speak to the photographer directly to see what kind of person they are and whether a working relationship will be mutually beneficial. Nonetheless, a good working relationship with clients is a must for any good event photographer.


The finest photographers will certainly deliver quality photographs to any event they cover.