Wedding Photo Booth Singapore

Planning for a wedding can seem like a daunting task. Deciding on a guest list, tasting the food and confirming the venue are all the bare minimum needed to pull off the wedding of your dreams. But there are other things you could add to the celebration too. One way to make good use of a small part of your wedding budget would be to have a photo booth in Singapore. Photo booths are an excellent complement to the wedding, offering guests free commemorative photos to remember the wedding by. They are also an excellent way for guests to bond, especially while they wait for the main wedding banquet to begin. Here are five reasons why a wedding photo booth would be fundamental to a great wedding celebration.

Special commemorative gift for guests

One of the biggest advantages of a photo booth is that guests are able to take a picture of themselves and receive a beautiful printout within a minute of the photo being taken. It becomes very special when the picture has a special design that reminds them of the wedding, such as having the bride and groom’s names inscribed on the photograph. When guests spot a photo booth, they would be more than happy to bring home their printout, especially if they like the photo. The photo then becomes a special reminder of the good time they had at the wedding.

More pictures from the wedding!

Modern photo booths are not only able to print out photos instantaneously. They are also able to upload them in real time! This means that a digital copy of all pictures taken can be reviewed by the bride and groom after the wedding has concluded. The bride and groom will also have this large collection of pictures to remember the great time everyone had on the best day of their lives.

A fun activity to pass the time

With assorted props, taking pictures at a photo booth can be a lot of fun! Props add an element of role-playing and creativity to the photo booth experience, often challenging guests to creatively express themselves for the best photo. Wedding photo booths are even more fun because guests will typically bring a few close friends and relatives along, making the photo booth even more enjoyable as they celebrate their kinship together.

Dedicated photo spot for the bride and groom

After the wedding ceremony, it will be quite difficult for the bride and groom to walk around the banquet area, trying to capture a photo with everybody. It is usually harder for the bride because she will likely be wearing a bridal gown that is harder to move around in. Photo booths can fill in that gap, allowing for the bride and groom to stand in the photo booth and letting the guests queue up for each individual photo.

Surprise guests with a special slideshow!

Because Cloud Booth’s digital photos are automatically and instantly stored and uploaded onto the cloud, it is possible for them to be screened as a slideshow in the main banquet area too. That way, guests will be pleasantly surprised to see their beautiful pictures on the big screen while they wait for the main ceremony to begin. It will certainly leave a positive impression on them and make the wedding more joyous for all.


The wedding photo booth will be a great addition to any wedding ceremony, as it allows guests to celebrate the wedding in a new and fun way. Getting the finest photo booth for your wedding is very easy – simply email cloudbooth@seankohphotography.com to find out more.