Instant Photo Booth, Instant Photo Booth Singapore

Would you like to have a photo booth for your event? Photo booths in Singapore are one of the best additions any corporation can add to an event. They will help your guests be engaged and offer opportunities to socialise with other guests. These photo booths are especially popular in events like the Dinner & Dance, where a company sets aside a generous budget to celebrate the hard work and success of the company. Photo booths for corporate events thus become a good complement to the rest of the event. Convinced to hire one yet? Here are three things that you and the photo booth vendor can do to create the most amazing photo booth experience for all your guests.

Finding the right spot for your booth

Sometimes, guests flock to a photo booth when they have nothing to do. Other times, guests may not even notice that this service is being offered. The difference occurs based on where the photo booth is placed. You would likely want to place a photo booth where guests can easily spot it. It would also be ideal to have a booth in a place where guests are mingling around or chilling out. For instance, photo booths are mainly placed at the reception of a wedding. It would also help if there are signs to direct guests to the photo booth if the event venue is large. Both you and your instant photo booth vendor can work together to find the best possible spot for the photo booth.

Curating an experience with props

Each photo booth experience is unique not just because of the people that step into the booth, but also because of the props that are selected. Working with the photo booth vendor to create a library of well-intentioned props can make the photo booth more special and imbue important messages to the guests. Speech or thought bubbles that are held by guests can say messages that are related to the event, while props like toys can match the look and theme of the event. Charity events, for instance, would do well with soft toys and bubbles with hopeful wishes on them. With a well thought out prop catalogue, guests will be able to get in the mood of the event simply by stepping into the photo booth. It is an aspect which reflects incredible thoughtfulness on the part of the event organiser and host.

A digital experience to complement the physical one

While a physical photo printout is more than enough to remember the event by, having a complementary digital experience enhances the photo booth tremendously. Working with a vendor that can upload the photos taken digitally onto social media platforms like Facebook is perfect, especially when you want to engage your guests after they leave the event. Telling the audience that they can find their photo online means they have an opportunity to follow up with you after the event concludes so you can make an even stronger impression on them digitally. Audiences will be more than happy to download a good picture of themselves when they get home and be reminded of the great time they had at your event.


Photo booths can be a great way for any corporation to attract and retain attention at an event. These instant photo booths can be easily added on to any event, with the right vendor.