In many events happening today, event photographers in Singapore play a big role in ensuring that all the important moments of the events are recorded and captured. This is especially so in corporate event photography, where photographs are needed for the after event report or debrief to various stakeholders in the corporation.

Depending on the type of corporate event, the photography needed can vary. For more extensive events with a large number of guests, corporate event photography alone may not be enough. Corporations may also consider hiring a photo booth in Singapore to improve guest relations for occasions such as the company dinner and dance party.

Regardless, event photography is a must-have photography service for any event. The photos taken have so many important uses, including as an opportunity for engagement with guests or as promotional material. Beyond those, the event photographer can also affect the mood of the event and the impression guests have of the corporation. Below is a list of five benefits that corporate event photography can bring to your event.

High-quality photos

The main difference between a professional photographer and an in-house employee is that photographers are certain to be able to produce high-quality and compelling images, no matter which event they go to. It comes from a wealth of experience at many different events and the studio-quality equipment that they bring to each event. With an event photographer, quality photographs are certain at every event.

Feedback to event organisers

The most basic function of any type of photography is to record down the happenings of the event. While this benefit may seem unimportant at first glance, the photographs of the event can actually be very useful, especially to the organisers of the event. With the documentation, they can clearly see any pitfalls that they have missed while planning. They are also able to brainstorm ideas for future events and how they can make the space work better. Most companies have some form of review after the event so the photographs will certainly be useful then.

Front desk interaction with guests

When working, it is common for guests to ask the event photographer to take some pictures of them. In this manner, the event photographer serves as a front-of-line interaction between the company and the invited guests. The finest event photographers will certainly be able to assist guests in their photo-taking when needed.

Photos for guests to remember the event by

If the company so wishes, the photos from the event can be sent to the guests via email. This is often a gesture of courtesy and can help to improve the relationship between the guests and the corporation. It will also help guests to remember the event, the corporation and their positive experience better after the event has concluded. To have a separate photography service dedicated to guests, it is recommended that a photo booth be hired in addition to event photography services.

Promotion of the company and future events

Photographs taken at the event can be used for promotion, whether it be advertisements on social media, posters around the corporate building or as pictures on the company’s website. These photos will be able to serve as collateral for messages that the corporation may want to put out. This is especially relevant if the company is invested in corporate social responsibility (CSR).


With these five benefits, it is evident that corporate event photography is fundamental to the success of any event.