Event Photographer, Event Photographer Singapore

The hiring of an event photographer is a must for any significant event. Whether it be weddings, corporate functions, social networking events or company dinner and dance events, event photography will be key in capturing the important moments and the people who attend the event. Photos taken can be used in many ways – such as in social media posts, as promotional collateral or simply as a record of the good times spent together at the event. How to use the photos is really up to the event organiser. Some use photos to create personalised gifts, and some use photos as social media engagement opportunities to those not in the event venue. Event photographers must ensure that they capture all the key moments in these events so that the client will have all the photos that they need. Here are three key moments that every event photographer in Singapore should capture when on the job.

Photos that represent the event

Before an event photographer starts his/her job, he/she must do homework. This usually involves speaking to the clients and having a schedule for the event. One type of key picture that must be captured is the picture that sums up the entire event experience. This will vary from event to event but can be easily identified by looking at the schedule. For instance, at weddings, the key picture would be of the bride and groom’s kiss after exchanging vows. At a dog show, the key picture would be of dogs clearing obstacles. At corporate events, it will usually be the interaction between the Guest-of-Honour and the event attendees, either at prize presentations or on the ground. If you have a particular shot in mind for your event, it is important for you to let your photographer know, so that all expectations are squared off. This is the most important photo of the event after all.

Photos of the guests

Guests are crucial to the event’s success. And so, pictures of various guests are a very important addition to the event’s photo album. This does not mean that pictures of every guest have to be taken. Instead, the photographer should keep their eye out for interesting photo opportunities that involve guests, such as when they are entranced by an activity or when they are interacting with other guests. Sometimes, photographers may find an interesting subject to photograph and follow them around the event looking for a photo opportunity. Guests may sometimes ask a photographer to take pictures of them too, and it is part of the photographer’s job to entertain their request when situations permit.

Photos of the event venue

All event photo albums look to tell a story and the story is often best told from the beginning. It is recommended that event photography starts before guests arrive at the venue. Such photos are especially beautiful when the event venue is well-decorated, such as the flowers at weddings or booths at an exhibition. These photos, taken before the guests arrive, will serve as an introduction to the story of the album. Not to mention, they can also be incredibly beautiful. Photos of the event venue must not be missed by any event photographer.


Event photographers must be detailed and meticulous in their planning so as to give their clients the best possible selection of photos for their event. With these three types of photos as a guide, event photographers can certainly create albums that impress every potential client.