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When renting an instant photo booth, all clients are eligible to select a backdrop from our inventory. Backdrops play an important role at a photo booth as it affects the mood of the celebration and the photographs taken. They are a subtle element of graphic design that can make or break the photo booth’s aesthetic in relation to the event. Selecting a plain backdrop will signal to your guests that the event is more formal, while bright and shiny ones will bring out their inner party animal. Selecting a backdrop isn’t hard with Cloud Booth since we have a catalogue of backdrops available for all guests to view. If you are unsure which backdrop to use for your photo booth, this article will guide you in choosing the best backdrop based on your event’s style and aesthetic.

Weddings: Simpler & basic backdrops

If you are renting a photo booth for a wedding, the backdrop should match the theme of the wedding. Most western-style weddings use a black and white colour scheme, so the best backdrops for those weddings are simpler ones. However, other backdrops with a single colour may also work well. Some of Cloud Booth’s solid colour backdrops use pastel colours, so they will add a dreamy and childlike happiness to the photo taken. Having solid colours are also good for the guests, because many guests wear colours like black that can stand out from the backdrop. If you do not fancy a simple backdrop, then you must consider other colours that match the decor. Ideally, find a good match – if the wedding uses a lot of blue decorations, then a blue backdrop would be the best. Cloud Booth will be able to help you pick from a large variety of possible backdrops for your wedding.

Corporate events: Quirky backdrops

Photo booths in Singapore are great to show off the fun nature of corporate events and the photo booth backdrop will certainly breathe in some all-needed personality. Opt for a shimmery backdrop if the event takes guests back to the ‘80s, or have a cute pattern if you’re opting for a more casual event tone. If you have a specific idea or a theme already fixed for your event, you can order a custom printed backdrop or rent a green screen photo booth instead!    Green screen photo booths are able to transpose any kind of backdrops onto your guests, perfect for transporting them to fictional worlds or overseas backdrops. Of course, Cloud Booth’s graphic designer will work closely with you to ensure that the photos can be used to great effect.

Company Dinner & Dance: Patterns

At Company Dinner & Dance events, patterns are the way to go. Patterns will show that the event is not extremely formal, but still classy and chic. There are different types of pattern tessellations that are able to complement the company’s aesthetic, ranging from those with more muted patterns to those that have patterns using brighter and bolder colours. The choice on which pattern to use will fall on the team planning the D&D, but patterns will usually never be a wrong choice. The most popular pattern, for instance, is the texture of a leafy green wall commonly seen in the various sample photos on Cloud Booth’s website. If the planning team is curious about which pattern is the best for their event, Cloud Booth’s designers will definitely be able to suggest the best backdrop for your event.


Backdrops are a very important component in the photo booth experience, but do not worry about finding the right backdrop! Cloud Booth is ready to offer suggestions and speak to you about the right backdrop for your photo booth at any time.