Photo Booth Singapore For the bride and groom, their wedding is no doubt the most important day of their lives. That is why some spare no expense in ensuring the wedding is perfect down to the little details – the delicious food, the atmospheric music and even the seating arrangement. Couples also have the option of including a wedding photo booth in Singapore to take the celebration to the next level. Photo booths are a great way for the couple to provide guests with a physical photo printout of the wonderful time they had at the wedding. They are also great to help guests pass time while waiting for the next part of the celebration. If you are interested in how a photo booth in Singapore can make a wedding even more special, read on! Here are a few simple steps that can help make a photo booth the perfect addition to any wedding reception.

Finding the right photo booth

The first step in having a photo booth at any wedding is finding the right photo booth for you. In a crowded market like Singapore, it can be hard to find the best photo booth for your unique event. You should always look for a photo booth that can provide an instant printout, where guests will not have to wait more than a minute before they receive their picture. The instant print feature is so important because it gives guests the immediate satisfaction of walking away with a gift in hand. It is also important to have a photo booth that allows for customisation, as guests will certainly appreciate remembering where the photo came from. Good photo booth companies will provide clients with the option of picking a matching photo booth backdrop, the props available and customising a personalised printout design. Having full control over this customisability is crucial in ensuring the best photo booth experience for your wedding. Once the perfect photo booth is found, then it is a matter of weaving it seamlessly into the event celebration.

The best time and place for a photo booth

Most weddings in Singapore will usually involve a banquet or a formal meal. As such, the photo booth must be placed and timed around the meal. Most wedding planners will cater a photo booth to be open right before the banquet, during the cocktail reception when guests are mingling and free to take pictures. In some weddings, the photo booth is open only after the reception, when guests are free to visit the photo booth as and when they like. In either situation, booths are usually placed at the reception area, for easier access by everybody. Often, there are other photography services that complement the photo booth, such as wedding event photography in Singapore to capture the important moments of the wedding ceremony. A photo booth may be regarded as a photography service that aims to entertain guests in addition to capturing photos outside of the ceremony.

Photo booths’ impact after the wedding

The impact of the wedding photo booth does not end at photo printouts. In fact, the best trait of the modern photo booth is that all photos can be uploaded onto a social media platform like Facebook. Alternatively, for privacy, the best photo booths will allow guests at your wedding to download their photos with a QR code on the printed photo. They can then share and spread the joy of the wedding celebration to their friends and family members all over the internet. Having a photo booth at the wedding will certainly make for a night to remember.


A photo booth is an addition that would be welcome to any wedding celebration. It does not only provide more photo opportunities during the wedding but also provide guests with a social activity while waiting. Wedding photo booths will certainly make all wedding celebrations a much more joyful and memorable one.