Our wedding is one of the most important events in our lifetime. That is why it is important to hire photography services – so that each significant and happy moment can be captured. Photography services, such as the actual day wedding event photography in Singapore, will also help to elevate the grandness of the event and make a more significant impression on guests. When hiring photo services, you will likely consider different factors including your budget, the number of guests attending and how the services will impact your wedding reception. Often, couples will prioritize photography services that help to capture the important moments compared to those that will entertain and delight guests. In Singapore, there are many options available to cater to each individual’s tastes, including the photo booth in Singapore.

Wedding photo booths

Photo booths are an experiential photography service, perfect as a gift and a form of entertainment. Often set up near the wedding reception, these booths allow guests to step in front of a camera and pose for a picture. Then, their pictures are printed out and presented to the guest instantaneously. They will not have to wait more than a minute to receive their pictures. The short waiting time and stunning quality of the photos produced are the qualities that surprise and delight many guests. The wedding photo booth in Singapore is also a good dedicated spot for guests to have their picture taken with the bride and groom. Guests will certainly be delighted to be walking home with their photos at the wedding.

Pre-wedding photoshoot

The pre-wedding photoshoot is a wedding tradition. The bride and groom pose together in front of the camera in their wedding suit and gown to make an album of their upcoming nuptials. This photoshoot is essential to weddings because it is one of the rare occasions where they can have their pictures taken while directed by a professional photo studio. It will also be an important keepsake that immortalizes their love for each other. All the pictures taken during the photoshoot will likely be used during the wedding reception as slideshows or as part of venue styling to celebrate the love between the bride and groom. A key part of the pre-wedding preparations, the pre-wedding photoshoot will make the wedding much more personalized and memorable.

Wedding event photography

Finally, there needs to be a photographer capturing the key moments during the wedding ceremony. Whether be it the act of walking down the aisle, the exchanging of vows or the cutting of the cake, the wedding event photographer in Singapore will capture everything. In fact, the wedding photographer may be the most crucial type of photography on the wedding day, simply because everyone else helping out will be busy ensuring everything falls into place. Having a dedicated person who only takes photographs will ensure that no moment goes uncaptured over the whole wedding. Wedding event photographers will typically deliver their finished collection of pictures a month or two after the wedding, so you can see the quality of work they produce.


Photography services at weddings are certainly dependable. Hiring an experienced and professional photography team is a key ingredient in ensuring the celebrations turn out great for everyone.