Event Photography, Photo Booth Singapore

Looking at this website but still wondering what services we can offer your event? Well, you have come to the right place to hire event photography and photo booth services. Cloud Booth is the provider of the finest photo booth in Singapore, reaching many happy couples and corporations. But besides photo booths, Cloud Booth also provides other services such as the Instagram Hashtag Printing service and the roving photographer in Singapore. Whatever event you are having, we are certain to have a service catered to your needs. Read on to find out more about some of our amazing services.

1. Instant photo booth

The most classic but also the most functional, the instant photo booth is considered a mainstay in modern Singaporean events. Why? Because photos are the best way to commemorate the event – whether it be due to the celebratory mood, the friendships and relationships formed or the rare opportunity to get together. Cloud Booth’s photo booth takes it a few notches further. Each picture is not only printed on beautiful, glossy photo paper, but they are also uploaded online on Facebook for your guests to view and download. If you prefer a more private event, a QR code may be printed for your guests to download individual pictures instead. Organisers like yourself are using the photo booth to its fullest potential by selecting a good selection from our variety of props, opting for the perfect backdrop and using the photos taken to compile a digital album for the event. You will never go wrong with the classic instant photo booth in Singapore.

Perfect for: Any event!

2. Instagram Hashtag Printing Service

Often shortened to the #HashPrint service, this service makes use of individual guests’ ability to take and edit pictures and post them online. With the special hashtag for the event, guests are then able to access the pictures they have posted and print them out. This service is special because guests can take any kind of pictures they want anywhere in the event – it doesn’t have to be at a specific location. These pictures are printed with a special customised layout which makes it look like it was printed directly from Instagram – with a small comment to describe the event by. This is perfect for large-scale events where guests will definitely take photos anyway. They can then pop by this special printing service to get a physical printout that they will treasure for months to come.

Perfect for: Events with large venues, outreach events and corporate events

3. Roving photography service

A mobile photo booth service, and more! This service employs one of our experienced event and wedding photographer who goes around the event venue and asks to take pictures of your guests. Pictures are taken and edited by our onsite photo editor before they are printed out. Guests can then collect their printouts in minutes. While similar to a classic stationary photo booth, the roving photographer in Singapore serves guests who may not be able or might not want to walk to the photo booth and queue for a photo due to old age or injury. The roving photography service is perfect if you want high clarity photo printouts for guests to bring home but a more formal experience than a photo booth. It is best for important events where guests dress up to the nines, such as an award ceremony or the company dinner and dance. Guests will definitely be delighted to receive these pictures at your event.

Perfect for: Company D&D, award ceremonies, large weddings and all other banquets


Whatever event you are organising, Cloud Booth will have the perfect event photography solution for you. To find out more, do contact us at cloudbooth@seankohphotography.com