Wedding Photobooth Singapore, Photo Booth Singapore

A wedding photo booth in Singapore is extremely commonplace. Every bride and groom would like to have a photo booth available for their friends and family members to commemorate the occasion. Modern photo booths will give the joy of instantly printed pictures. However, the search for the finest photo booth in Singapore may seem daunting. How do you select one out of so many options available to you? What do you need to look out for when you are liaising with the photo booth vendor? In this article, we will provide you with two easy steps that you can follow to help you find the best photo booth for your wedding.

Step 1: Start your search online

All professional instant photo booth vendors will have their own website and social media presence. There are some photo booth providers in Singapore that do not have their own website or social media accounts. These are slightly more dubious because you are uncertain of their reliability and ability to set up and manage the photo booth on the wedding day. To see whether a vendor is trustworthy, you can also look up their portfolio online; their website or social media accounts will likely have many pictures that they have taken for previous clients and even reviews.

Also, you should look out for specific features that each vendor has an edge over the others. For example, the finest photo booth would use a high-end camera system and studio setup. If you find a vendor that does provide details about their camera and studio equipment and how they affect quality, then you likely have found a good one.

Finally, look out for a way to contact the vendor, whether it is through a phone number, an email or a web form. Reach out to your potential vendors to ask for a quotation. Do note that some vendors already have a quote listed on their website, so that might save you the hassle of figuring out how much their services would cost. When you have a screened through a few possible options, then it is time to compare the options and decide.

Step 2: Comparing options

The easiest way of performing comparisons is to list out all the possible options and their pros and cons. One large consideration you would likely have is the cost of the vendor. This is because hiring more pricey vendors could make you exceed your budget. But if costs are not a concern for you, then you should compare based on the quality of their pictures, the aesthetics of their designs and the photo booth customisation options available to you. Better photo booths will allow you to select a custom backdrop. They also come with a large variety of props that you can use to make the photo booth experience more fun. One more consideration you could have is whether the vendor can provide a digital copy of all the photos that are taken. You may want to provide a livestream of these pictures in the banquet area or compile your own wedding photo album after the event is over. These are qualities that you should be looking out for before making your decision.


With these two simple steps, you will find the perfect photo booth for your wedding in no time! If you do need a photo booth for your event, contact us at cloudbooth@seankohphotography.com