There are many events happening all over Singapore. If you are organising an event, you will likely spend a substantial amount of time thinking of what you need, such as food and drinks, basic activities and a sound system. What else could you do with the leftover budget? One service that would elevate your event to the next level is the instant photo booth in Singapore. These mini photo studios can provide your guests with an instant printout of pictures taken inside it. There are even props and a backdrop to customise the picture, making each one unique to your event. Guests will be delighted to receive these fast yet beautiful printouts to remember your event by. Of course, photo booths are better suited for some events than others. Here is a list of important events that should never go without the finest photo booth.

Company Dinner & Dance

A photo booth is perfect for the occasion where colleagues gather for a glamorous night together. The company dinner & dance is one of the rare chances where everyone will dress up beautifully, so they will certainly be glad to get their pictures taken. The physical printouts of these photos will be useful for employees to decorate their office desks thereby preserving good memories of their workplace and the relationships with their colleagues. Having an instant photo booth at such an occasion can also be seen as a reward for your employees’ hard work over the course of the year. A photo booth will complement any company dinner & dance perfectly.

Corporate Events

When performing outreach to the public, a photo booth is a wonderful way to show your guests that you care. The pictures taken at the instant photo booth is essentially a personalised gift that guests will keep. Better yet, the best photo booth vendors will allow you to customise the design of the printout, which means you can place a message relevant to your company’s outreach. Guests who receive these pictures are more likely to keep them if they like the photos. This makes photo booths especially good for events that promote corporate social responsibility (CSR) because guests will remember the good that the company does for smaller communities. Using a photo booth advantageously in outreach events can have amazing results.


Weddings are where photo booths are most constantly hired. After all, the wedding photo booth is used as a way to celebrate the gathering of friends and family members that turn up at the wedding for the happy couple. Pictures taken represent the love and support that guests show by attending the wedding. It is also a rare opportunity for extended family members to gather for a family photo. At the end of the wedding, the couple can even use the pictures taken to create a photo album or montage of the guests who attended the wedding, so as to remember the happy memories. Wedding photo booths in Singapore are perfect for the happiest day of your lives.


Photo booths are a great complement to make any event, but especially so for company dinner & dances, corporate events and weddings. Contact us to book a photo booth for your event today!