Photo Booth Singapore

Photo booths in Singapore have grown in popularity over the past decade. Now, there are many companies offering an instant photo booth service, where all pictures taken at the event are instantly printed out and presented to guests within minutes. Photo booths have become popular because guests are often pleasantly surprised by the opportunity to have a glamorous photo of themselves taken by a professional photographer. Wedding photo booths in Singapore are even more popular as many happy couples spare no expense in ensuring guests leave the wedding banquet satisfied and contented. While photo booths are a delightful addition to any event, there are a few types of events that photo booths are more well-suited for. Here is a list of three events that photo booths are perfect for.

Company Dinner & Dance

One of the most extravagant events for corporate employees, a Dinner & Dance is something that many look forward to. After all, most of the time, the entire dinner is paid for by the company! Many companies will also want to reward their employees and provide entertainment for the night by providing services besides the dinner, such as the lucky draw, games and fringe activities. A joyful celebration like this is certainly a perfect place for an instant photo booth. Everyone will already be dressed up beautifully for the party and they may even bring their loved ones along. Photo booths at a D&D will capture not only the employees’ bond with each other but also the important people in the employees’ lives. There’s no better way to make employees feel rewarded for their hard work than to invest in the finest photo booth.


Weddings are undoubtedly one of the most common places to find a photo booth. It is a rare occasion for families to gather for a large celebration like a wedding, and so photo booths are often used to commemorate the occasion with a beautiful photo for everybody. Because most photo booths in Singapore are paid by the hour and not by the number of pictures taken, families often take multiple pictures with different combinations of people. Because photo booth printouts are uniquely designed for each event, guests will be glad to bring home a commemorative photo that will remind them of these happy times in the future.

Corporate events

Finally, photo booths are a really great way to engage with audiences and consumers who may be interested in a brand or product. Having photo booths at corporate exhibitions, expos and roadshows will not only give your guests a good impression; they’ll also be able to bring their picture home, which can serve almost like free advertising for your brand. Photo booths are often hired by brands that would like to perform corporate social responsibility (CSR) or ones that spread awareness about their social causes. No matter which company it is, a photo booth can certainly elevate and enhance each message the brand is putting across.


In Singapore, photo booths are definitely the easiest addition to any event. Hiring a photo booth will elevate your event and give guests and customers a great first impression.