These days, anybody can take photographs. They can simply whip out their smartphones equipped with a camera from their pocket and start snapping away. But there is a clear distinction between poorly taken photographs and amazing ones. As professional photographers, we understand the techniques needed to ensure each photograph is perfect. In this article, we will explain how you can tell which photographs are good and the common mistakes amateur photographers make, so you can make well-informed decisions when hiring event photography services, such as the photo booth in Singapore, in the future.

Photo exposure

Exposure is a term photo professionals use to describe the brightness in a photo. A good photo must be perfectly exposed, such that it is not too bright and not too dark. If you see a lot of white patches in a picture, it likely means the picture is over-exposed. If the picture is dark and you cannot make out the details, then it is likely under-exposed. While photo-editing can sometimes fix the exposure of a photo, it is difficult to correct a photo that is severely overexposed or severely underexposed. In your search for any event photography service, always look for photos that look well-lit, but not blinded by white spots.


While exposure dictates how bright a photograph is, colour correction helps to ensure that all pictures are not tinted. It is possible for a photograph to be tinted with an odd colour, usually orange or yellow. This is because the photographer did not change the settings of the camera and flash to accommodate the lighting colours in the venue. While sunlight produces white light, some fluorescent light bulbs produce greenish light. They will need to adjust the white balance in the camera and also make adjustments to flash settings to ensure the picture shows is not tainted with another colour. Alternatively, if the vendor uses professional studio lights, it should not be a problem for them to achieve the perfect colour in a photograph.

Steadiness & Angle

Another tell-tale sign of a poor photograph is that it is blurry. A blurry photograph is usually caused by the movement of the camera when the picture is taken. While steady hands can help minimise this problem, the best solution is for the photographer to use a tripod. Tripods will ensure that the camera is always at the correct position for every picture taken. Another good use of tripods is to ensure that all the photos are level – or that they are not tilted by accident. With proper use of a tripod, photos will not have any blurriness or tilted angles. When perusing instant photo booth services, you should always ensure your photo booth vendor uses a tripod at every event they go to.


Professional photography skills are fundamental in ensuring that all pictures are taken perfectly. The finest photo booth will do that and much more to ensure the photo booth experience is seamless and convenient for all guests. They might also include a digital platform to download all the pictures taken during the event or print pictures in high-quality photo paper. Your search for the best event photography service is certainly going to be easier knowing that these are the qualities you need to look out for.