Photo Booth Singapore, Wedding Photo Booth Singapore

Photo booths in Singapore are very well-known for its mass appeal to all wedding guests. Everyone who attends your wedding is certain to be delighted at the sight of a wedding photo booth. It is their golden opportunity to take a beautiful flawless picture with the help of professional photographers and an excellent studio camera. Many couples are set on ensuring that the best photo booth is available at their wedding. But how do you ensure that the photo booth is used to its fullest potential? Here are four important tips that your wedding team can follow to ensure the rented photo booth does not go to waste.

Tip #1: Let everyone know of the photo booth!

It is possible that when guests enter the wedding reception area, the photo booth goes unnoticed. This can be especially true if it is a large wedding with a few hundred guests. Having a sign made and placed at the reception table informs everyone of the photo booth and will greatly boost its use. Alternatively, the planning team can spread the word through social media or even text messages. When guests are aware of the photo booth, they are then more likely to bring their loved ones and best pals to take a photo.

Tip #2: Always hire a professional and experienced photo booth

It may seem tempting to save a few dollars on the photo booth and hire any photographer you find. However, your guests would certainly appreciate the quality of the photos that come with a vendor that specialises in photo booths. The pictures are guaranteed to be of superb quality, and there will also be a catalogue of props and backdrops that you can choose from. In addition, the photo booth printouts are also guaranteed to be at instant speed – guests need not wait more than a minute to receive their printed photos. The smooth procedures and excellent picture quality are definitely crucial to engaging your guests successfully with the photo booth.

Tip #3: Curate your props and backdrop appropriately

Because these photo booths will provide you with the finest assortment of props, you may have to decide which ones you want to have at your wedding. Props can include placards with well-wishes written on them or plush toys, toy swords, toy guns, large spectacles and even wigs. You could also use the photo booth to complement the wedding theme by making customised props that follow the theme. The backdrop can also be chosen from a large catalogue of possible backdrops, depending on the general colour scheme of the wedding decorations. These choices will make the wedding photo booth experience an even more special one for your guests.

Tip #4: Make full use of the digital capabilities

With the modern wedding photo booths, all pictures that are taken can be uploaded online immediately. This means that you can make use of these photos during the wedding reception or banquet. Simply request your photo booth provider to compile a simple photo album and screen the photos within the venue. Your guests will be pleasantly surprised to see a stunning picture of themselves shown on the big screen seconds after they are taken! It is also a good way of thanking your guests for attending your wedding and sharing the joy with you on this special occasion.