Photo Booth Singapore

If you or a friend recently got engaged, then you will have a part to play in planning the wedding. Wedding planning is actually very fulfilling because you will be working hard to make the celebration an exceptional one. When planning, you will often be thinking about the venue, decorations, food and activities for the guests. You will consult the bride and groom on how they would like their celebration to be. One item that you will likely consider is a wedding photo booth for the guests. A truly good photo booth is like an onsite photo studio, designed to take beautiful pictures of your guests and print it out for them instantly. The decision of whether to bring a photo booth to your wedding can raise many questions such as, “What good can a photo booth in Singapore do at a wedding?” or “Will it be worth the money to hire a photo booth?” Actually, photo booths complement the wedding experience very well. Here are the ways that a photo booth can value-add to your wedding.

1. A thank-you gift for attending the wedding

When guests heads to a photo booth, the photo printout serves as a personalised thank-you gift. Receiving a professionally produced picture of themselves, guests will feel that the time they spend at the wedding and their physical presence are valued by the wedding couple. They will definitely be elated to receive it.

2. A keepsake to remember the wedding by

Wedding photo booth printouts don’t just serve as gifts. They also serve as memorabilia. Each picture taken at the wedding will be unique to that wedding, whether it is through the use of a customised backdrop or the bespoke printout design. When taken with other friends and relatives, it is even easier to remember the special occasion. After they bring home the photo, guests will certainly have fond memories of the wedding and an item to remember it by.

3. A dedicated photo spot for the bride and groom

Forget low-fi polaroids and low-quality cell phone photos. At the reception, photo booths are turned into a dedicated photo venue for the bride and groom to take pictures with their best friends and family members. It is the best way to ensure all guests are photographed in the best possible conditions. The photographs taken can even be used to compile an album for the happy couple to remember the wedding by. Now, that is value.

4. Photographs available online as well!

All pictures taken at Cloud Booth’s wedding photo booth in Singapore will be available online if you wish, either through a public Facebook album or through a private QR code printed on the photographs. They are uploaded immediately after the pictures are taken, so all guests can enjoy complimentary digital downloads of all their pictures on the spot! Wedding organisers may even use these pictures on the ballroom screens as a live stream to entertain the guests. That is definitely one way to keep the memory of the wedding alive.


Without a doubt, having a wedding photo booth will provide guests with a service that all will adore. Each picture taken is another bond the wedding couple and team have formed with your guest, whether they treat the picture as a thank-you gift or as memorabilia.