A wedding is a celebration of the union of two people. It comes as no surprise that the wedding celebration is often grand, involving many friends and family members of both the bride and groom. Besides the traditional wedding customs like the exchange of vows, there are many other factors that will contribute to a wedding night to remember – delicious food, romantic love songs and the company of good people. But there is one new innovation that takes the wedding to a whole new level: the wedding photo booth in Singapore.

Instant wedding photo booths are designated spots at the wedding venue where guests are given the opportunity to take pictures in front of a professional camera system and photographer. Then, these pictures are printed out instantaneously – within a minute after they are taken – and presented to the guest. With the finest photo booth in Singapore, each picture is guaranteed to look crisp, clear and well lit. Better yet, the best photo booths even integrate social media into the experience, allowing guests to download each picture from an online portal immediately after they are taken.

Photo booths in Singapore have definitely enhanced the wedding celebration experience. Here are two reasons why:

1. An opportunity for the perfect picture

Setting aside an area for pictures is actually a very smart idea. Because guests will certainly be dressed their finest when attending a wedding, it would be a shame not to provide them with an opportunity to take a picture. When coupled with the expertise of a professional photographer and the equipment from an authentic photo studio, this opportunity becomes priceless. When guests see the stunning photo that they have taken, they’ll appreciate the bride and groom’s efforts even more.

Having a dedicated photo booth also means the bride and groom can arrange to take pictures at a specific area outside the banquet venue, which makes moving within the banquet area easier for both waiters and guests especially if it’s a cozy venue. No more having to wait for guests to be done posing with the bride and groom before you can move to the front of the room!

2. An activity to fill up empty pockets of time

Before the banquet starts, there is usually a bit of free time that guests use to mingle and drink. While this is a good time for socialising, some guests prefer to have an activity that can fill up the time. That is what makes a photo booth perfect. Guests can entertain themselves by posing in front of the camera with props provided by the photo booth vendor. The finest photo booth will come prepared with a large variety of props, including placards with well-wishes, a large selection of plush toys, toy swords and guns.

Guests are also free to take as many pictures as they wish, at no additional charge to the bride and groom. If they dislike their first picture or would like to attempt something different, they are welcome to take another picture after they see the first one. This makes the photo booth a long-lasting and enjoyable experience for everyone.


Wedding photo booths are certainly wonderful additions to the repertoire of wedding experiences available in Singapore.