The success of any event lies in its planning. Event managers all over Singapore take days to plan out their event. These can range from a variety of possible event types, including weddings, corporate events, international conferences, conventions and even birthday parties. Some event managers are also searching for vendors to help them bring their events to life. Vendors could include food caterers, event photographers and even photo booth rental servicesWhen searching for a good vendor, event managers will definitely be on the lookout for the best services possible within their budget. Here are 5 important qualities that you need in your photo booth vendor to help bring your event to the next level.

Quality photographs

One of the most important things to look out for is how well the vendor takes their photographs. This can be very easy to spot – simply look for common elements that make a poor picture: blurriness, unnatural colours and too much brightness. Often, these vendors will post their own pictures online, so you can see for yourself how their picture quality is like before you engage them. A good vendor will likely have crisp, clear, detailed images that look like they are shot in a professional photo studio. But do be aware that some aggressively edit their photos that they post on their website and social media – this means that the prints your guests get are nowhere as nice as those posted online!


You want to make sure you are hiring the finest photo booth vendor based on your budget. One criterion to help with this assessment is the experience of the service provider. Vendors who have a lot of past clients will certainly know what to expect and do during your event. You can track the experience of a vendor by looking at their previous portfolio. Better photo booth services will list down their big clients on their website, so you know that they are definitely a trustworthy photo booth service.

Social media integration

Modern photo booths allow multiple avenues of publishing. Not only do they instantly print out the pictures they take with minimal editing involved, but they will also publish these pictures digitally, allowing for your guests to download these pictures online at no additional cost. Most often, these pictures are posted on social media sites like Facebook. You can inquire about this value-added feature when corresponding with your potential vendors, to see if they really give you the best deal you can get.


Having the option to customise the photo booth specifically for your event will definitely make it a special experience for all guests. Better photo booth vendors will have a large variety of photo booth backdrops that you can choose from, ranging from classy and elegant ones for the picture-perfect wedding photo booth in Singapore to quirky and fun ones for the more light-hearted events. If you are spoilt for choice, you are likely to have found one of the better photo booth vendors for your event.

High-speed quality printouts

This is especially important if you are expecting many guests for your event. Photo printouts are the key feature of all instant photo booths, so you definitely want to make sure that your photo booth vendor is able to support high-speed instant printing without compromising on the quality of the printouts. Look out for vendors that print on professional photo paper. It is an added bonus if the vendor takes the effort to ensure that each print lasts and does not fade. With that, your event will certainly remain memorable in each guest’s mind.


Your search for the best photo booth would not be difficult if you know what to look out for. With these five important qualities, your vendor would definitely be set to help ensure that your event is an absolute success.