Event photography services in Singapore can vary greatly, especially those at weddings. Besides typical event photography services that tail the bride and groom for pictures, there are also wedding photo booths that provide guests with instant printouts of their photos. However, the most special service of all could be roving photography. This is an innovative new service that combines the best of both typical wedding photography and the instant photo booth in Singapore. In fact, it complements event photography services so well that many recommend having both at your wedding to get a complete suite of important photos. Here are a few reasons how roving photography will boost the value of your wedding.

It boosts the number of photographs you have to remember the wedding… by a lot!

Having another photography service means a sheer increase in the number of photos taken. Better yet, because these services are quite different, you will receive a great variety of different shots. Roving photographers will roam around the event, asking guests if they would like to have pictures of themselves taken. This means that a lot of pictures taken by the roving photographers will be group shots or portrait shots of your guests, distinctly different from event photographers who rush for action shots of you or whatever’s happening on stage. At the end of the wedding, the number of photos you’ll have to remember by are greatly increased, with many more of your guests. Now that’s a wedding album you want.

Guests will be thrilled to receive custom-printed photographs… before they leave!

One major difference that separates roving photography from mainstream event photography is that guests will receive a printout of their picture before they leave the venue. While most other wedding photography services will require a few weeks to edit their photos, the roving photography service needs only a few minutes. After the photographer takes the picture, it is wirelessly transmitted to a photo editor who works tirelessly outside the venue. Then, photos are printed on glossy photo paper and are ready for guests to collect! This seamless process makes the roving photographer well-received by all guests. Some of them are surprised to receive their stunning pictures so quickly!

Photos can be used digitally too!

Besides the instant gratification that guests will receive from the print photos, they may also find these pictures uploaded digitally on Cloud Booth’s Facebook page if you opted for this sharing service. If they like the photo, they have the option of downloading it and sharing it digitally with their friends or family members. Because all of this is done during the wedding, they’ll be able to share the experience before they even step out of the venue! If you would like a live stream of all the photos at the wedding venue, that is possible too. The instant nature of roving photography in Singapore is certain to make the wedding an even better, more enjoyable one.


A roving photographer will definitely bring a lot of value to your wedding by beefing up the photo portfolio and delighting guests at the same time!