Stepping into an instant photo booth in Singapore can be very exciting. After all, it is an opportunity for you to take a glamorous photo of yourself and have it printed out for you on the spot! The best photo booth in Singapore uses professional camera systems with top of the line lenses, so each picture is guaranteed to be stunning. But a photo booth is much more than just the photo. Photo booths can also bring fun and joy to an event with its social nature and the myriad of props available for guests. The next time you enter a wedding photo booth or the like, remember these three ways you can make your photo booth experience even more fun.

Jio all your friends!

In Singapore, the best things are meant to be shared. Even more so when they are free! Because our instant photo booths offer unlimited photo shoots for guests, you should consider asking all your friends in the venue to gather for a photo. This makes the photo booth a highly social and interactive activity. Besides individual and couple shots, group shots also make photo booths much more fun. Plus, each of you will be able to receive the same printed photo as a keepsake – perfect for remembering the close-knit friendship you share. It is a bonding experience unlike any other.

Use all the props!

Props are a key element of any photo booth. Besides adding more personality to your picture, props also help to tell stories and create interactions between the people in the photo. Props such as cute soft toys, placards with wedding well-wishes and action toys like swords can give the photo an extra dimension. Create a bright and hopeful picture with placards or bring out the adorable features in you with all the soft toys. You can suggest props for your friends to use, so everything is well-coordinated. Use these props well and you will definitely have a ball of a time!

Bring the experience online!

Modern instant photo booths are integrated with social media. This means that all pictures from our instant photo booth will be immediately posted on Facebook after they are taken. This convenience will help you bring the experience you had at the photo booth online. Simply download the picture on the spot and share it with your friends and/or loved ones. That way, you can bring the fun you are having with the photo booth online and share it with the important people in your life. If you feel too shy for that, you can always do simple things with the digital image, like setting it as your display picture or having it as a wallpaper on your desktop. Either way, the good experience will never go to waste.


The fun experience at a photo booth will be remembered for many days after the event, especially since all guests receive a personalised keepsake they can bring home.