Step into a large-scale event like a wedding and you will likely be able to spot an instant photo booth in Singapore. These are pop-up booths placed at a designated area that invite guests to have their picture taken and printed instantly. Often, the photo booth would provide a special customised background and a variety of props that guests can use in their photo shoot.

While many photo booths can certainly get their job done, there can be some disparity in the quality of the pictures taken. Some photo booths may produce slightly blurrier pictures or pictures that are too dim. At Cloud Booth, we pull out all the stops to ensure that every picture we take is high definition and extremely well lit. Our high clarity pictures can even be used on the cover of a print magazine if you so wish! We achieve one of the best photo booths in Singapore with three different methods: a high-quality professional camera, stunning studio lights and a team of dedicated, committed and experienced professional photographers.

The perfect camera system for the job

Here at Cloud Booth, we believe that photography is an art. As with all artists, we need the right tools for the job. All our photo booths use a professional camera system with high-quality lenses: a Canon L lens, Carl Zeiss lens or equivalent. These are lenses that pro photographers use all over the world to capture stunning images that are sharp and in focus from corner to corner. In addition, we are insistent on placing the camera on a tripod to remove the possibilities of human errors and ensure consistently great photos throughout the event.

Before the event begins, our team of photographers and assistants will set up all the equipment. The camera’s settings, such as focus and aperture, will be tweaked to accommodate the venue’s conditions, ensuring maximum quality. All the other equipment will also be tested and calibrated to ensure the photo booth runs smoothly over the course of the event.

Stunning Swiss studio lights

Step into our photo booth and you might think you’re stepping into a professional photo studio. All our photo booths are equipped with exquisite Swiss studio lights that will make you shine like a star. These gorgeous lights coupled with studio grade light enhancers help to ensure that guests are evenly and beautifully lit with flattering results. With these lights in place and careful calibration of equipment by our photographers, Cloud Booth photos come out almost-perfect as they are. There is no need for a photo editor to touch up the pictures before they are printed out, which means all guests are able to receive their photo printout within only a minute of their picture being taken. That’s bringing you the true instant photo booth experience.

A team of dedicated & experienced photography professionals

A trained photographer and photo assistants will be on-site and ready to help all guests entering the photo booth. Whether it’s helping them pose, suggesting props to hold, or tending to a query, all our staff members are well-trained and equipped with all the knowledge they need to manage such situations.

Behind the scenes, there are also many other staff members that help support the photo booth experience. For instance, there are designers who help to come up with the design for props and the customisable design for each photo booth printout.


With all these preparations in place, Cloud Booth is always ready to bring the best photo booth experience to every event.